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Amazon Product Research Strategies with Rolando Galeana from JungleScout

Amazon Product Research Strategies

Stuck sitting at his desk after a back injury, Rolando Galeana started his first brand on Amazon during his recovery. After selling his brand, he now works for JungleScout and helps new Amazon sellers get their brands up and running.

Product research on Amazon is one of the most important pieces, and where some of the biggest mistakes happen.

Choosing the right products in a competitive Amazon marketplace can mean the difference between a $50k per month gem or a $10k debt.

In this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast, Rolando Galeana shares his best tips for choosing the right product to sell on Amazon whether you’re brand new or are expanding your existing product line.

Rolando Galeana YouTube Channel and Website

Rolando Galeana

Rolando Galeana

Rolando Galeana work in JungleScout and is responsible for some epic article on their company website: https://www.junglescout.com