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Top 10 Amazon Products That Went Viral On Tiktok

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024 at 12:42 pm

TikTok is famous for its inventive dances, humorous videos, and a new breed of stars. Some people use it as a source of shopping ideas, particularly when looking for a new home, cooking, and beauty tricks.

#FoundItOnAmazon has tens of thousands of amazon marketing videos, and more than 706 million people have watched the postings collectively. We have selected 10 of these items that are truly worth purchasing. 

  1. Oneway Ice Cube Mold Ice Trays

Getting a regular ice tray ready can take a lot of effort. The plastic molds are flimsy and readily breakable; more often than not, it appears like the ice stays on the tray rather than gliding out as it should. However, the beautifully rounded design of the Oneway mold ensures that it performs as all ice trays should. 

Once the ice is ready, pull the inside out after filling the silicone bucket with water. When you press down on the tray or roll it on your counter, perfectly shaped ice spheres will emerge.

Amazon customers have used the tray to create ice cream, sorbets, and other frozen desserts, in addition to utilizing it as an ice mold. It’s a simple method for making small snacks without getting your hands dirty.

  1. Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

You know those items you didn’t realize you needed until you needed them? That’s the Yueshico watermelon slicer. More than 3 million people have viewed the now-famous kitchen equipment on the social media platform, and many of the comments show how amazed and thrilled consumers are with it.

You can use this trick to quickly and precisely slice through the fruit rather than working up a sweat trying to cut through thick watermelon skin. The device slices the watermelon into uniform, rectangular pieces that are just the right size for munching.

  1. Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

This reasonably priced safe is a practical home appliance that will be useful for anything. The electronic safe uses a timer to secure items for as long as you require—from one minute to 10 days—and is available in four colors. 

Some sizes of this ingenious item may already be sold out because more than 352,000 TikTok users have seen it in action. But before it’s too late, you can still get large and extra-large sizes.

  1. Weekly Mounted Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder going viral would have sounded ridiculous before TikTok. However, a video featuring this classy bathroom decoration has received 5.3 million views, and it is clear why. 

The holder is a stylish addition that doesn’t take up any valuable counter space and can accommodate up to five toothbrushes and washing glasses. In addition, a slot that is pushed releases toothpaste.

  1. baKblade 1.0

Back scratchers may be familiar, and you may have even used one. But what about a back shaver? Each stroke of the long rod removes hair from your back softly. You don’t have to worry about unintentional cuts because they are made with blades that function gently on dry and moist skin. 

Ask the 90,000 TikTok users who have seen how wonderfully the baKblade works; it takes all the awkward guesswork out of grooming.

  1. Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

Imagine not needing topical products to quickly and painlessly remove a bothersome bug bite. With the help of The Bug Bite Thing, you can achieve precisely that by sucking out insect venom and eliminating any irritating itching or irritation. It is convenient for outdoor activities like camping and beach visits and is kid-safe.

  1. Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush

Chapped, peeling skin, especially on the lips, is a problem with cooler weather. With its $5 exfoliator, you may reveal a softer, more moisturized pout without picking at them. 

With moisturizing products like vaseline or lip balm, you can apply it similarly to how you use a toothbrush (on your lips) to get smooth results.

  1. Plantifique Natural Superfoods Foot Peel Mask

After a user shared a video of her peeling foot to TikTok, this disgustingly satisfying foot mask received close to twelve million views. Get this from Amazon; she advised her followers, “do yourself a favor.”

The foot mask, which can help eliminate calluses and dead skin, had an average 4.4-star rating from roughly 3,700 customers on the amazon fba

  1. Safe Grabs: Multi-Purpose Silicone Mat

Spare towels may only sometimes be sufficient when removing hot items from the microwave. It is where the Safe Grabs silicone mats come in. 

They are multi-use gadgets that can be used as a trivet, oven mitt, and more. A TikToker even used them as a grip to remove jars, making them a practical necessity for every kitchen.

  1.  Progressive International Zip Slicer

Nothing is more irritating than slicing up a round fruit or vegetable only to have it roll off the counter. Not to mention that cutting fruits and vegetables like grapes and cherry tomatoes take much longer. 

Meal preparation is simple: as you’ll see on TikTok, it takes one forward motion to complete the task. However, the Zip Slicer streamlines the procedure and reduces mess. The tube-shaped instrument can fit a handful of soft, spherical meals at once and quickly slice through them. 

How to Promote Products from Amazon on TikTok

TikTok has gained much popularity in recent years due to its global success. TikTok allows you to reach a bigger audience and target particular demographics with its entertaining and interactive short clips. We suggest using TikTok if you’re looking for a technique to increase sales on amazon

TikTok provides various chances for increasing amazon influencer marketing, which applies to more than just specific industries. Utilize the social influence of TikTok to teach others how to use the things you sell quickly.

  1. Firms Are Embracing Tiktok

A brand marketing campaign’s effectiveness primarily hinges on how effectively it is communicated to customers. Brands must invest effort in producing relatable, authentic content that is simple to share. If you weren’t aware, TikTok allows users to create videos and share them with others.

It surpassed 2 billion users in the third quarter of 2022, and by the end of 2023, it is anticipated to reach 5 billion.

However, when executing your marketing initiatives on this platform, you do need to keep your goals and objectives in mind. You can Increase FBA Sales by using the following advice:

Create Outstanding Content

You have undoubtedly heard that before, but being original is the key to getting well-known on social media.

If you need help with ideas, check out the other TikTok content providers and see if you can borrow any. You can look at the presentation of their goods and analyze the set design. Allow your imagination to shine.

There are a lot of topics to learn about, so keep your research from one particular field. Instead, use the variety of knowledge the platform offers to develop something wholly original. Keep it original and distinct; that could spark conversation to optimize your exposure.

 Your material must be engaging and keep your audience’s attention. Using hashtags and amazon product photography might help you promote your company. You can also look at the several increasingly popular social media challenges.

Avoid swarming to following recent memes because it will be tough for you to notice. We advise you to design your challenge and hashtag. Could you arrange a live presentation of your products?

To ensure that your audience will pay attention, TikTok advises you to prefer short videos between 12 and 20 seconds.

Take Users Backstage

Creating a group of engaged, enthusiastic, and supporting fans take work. However, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the competition if you successfully build a community of outspoken clients and supporters. Creative thinking and experimentation are critical to do this.

You can provide users with a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of your product. In doing so, you make it simpler for your visitors to understand how you or your product listing optimization can improve their life. Additionally, it might help obtain immediate user feedback and understand how they view your brand.

Increasing user-generated content has many advantages for your brand, including the following:

  • Providing your business with a distinctive voice
  • gaining new clients
  • increasing brand awareness
  • enhancing customer experiences

Use Eye-Catching, Top-Notch Visuals

Making videos is simple with the help of product photography services. It could seem that there is little entry-level difficulty because so many users only use their smartphones’ cameras. However, the standard for production value has increased slightly. Make sure to cut corners on your production because using light rings and camera stands are becoming increasingly common.

Leverage Influencer Marketing 

Working with “influencers,” or creators with more significant followings, will help you advertise your company on TikTok. Your products may be introduced to a much larger audience by an influencer in your niche.

 TikTok influencers are talented in making branded material feel natural rather than obtrusively promotional. To check if there are any influencers in your place you might be interested in collaborating with, search TikTok for terms that relate to your product category. The Creator Marketplace on TikTok is another area to find top influencer talent. 

The Marketplace is TikTok’s internal center for bringing together influencers and companies. It provides tools to help you create an influencer marketing campaign and data-driven insights about the best influencers for your brand.

Through its newly released “TikTok Creator Marketplace API,” TikTok is now making it more straightforward for businesses and marketing firms to connect with TikTok influencers. It will make it easier for companies and agencies to identify the best influencers to collaborate with.


If you know the correct approaches to take, TikTok and amazon PPC may be terrific tools for developing a brand and expanding your audience.

Just now, we talked about a few quick and simple strategies for boosting brand recognition and interaction on one of the most widely used social media networks nowadays.