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All Inclusive Done-For-You Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content

American Copywriter

Our team includes only US based copywriters who are English natives as we find overseas writers don’t understand key nuances. Each section is written based on extensive customer & niche research.

Graphic Design

We enhance all images in the Amazon A+ Content with graphics that match your brand colors, fonts, and feel. Our goal is to make it appear as if it was your website, not an Amazon listing.

Product Photography

If needed, our photo team in Vancouver shoots Amazon product photography with real lifestyle models & studio white background. Or you can supply us with existing photos instead.

We handle A+ Content descriptions as a stand alone service or part of a larger project with full product photography, Amazon videos, and listing writing. Formerly called Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), A+ Content is the most effective way to increase conversion rates on Amazon listings.

With a mixture of images, graphics, and text, setting up an Amazon A+ Content description should look and feel like your own website. Kenji ROI has produced A+ Content EBC for brands selling on Amazon since 2016.

Amazon A+ Content Examples

Here’s a few examples of Amazon A Plus Content we’ve created for clients. The goal is to give each A+ description a style that fits the brand & takes customers through a specific sequence of images with graphics & text snippets most likely to lead to a sale. Conversion rate can increase 5% or even up to 13%, drastically increasing Amazon sales.

Amazon A+ Content Example 02
Amazon A+ Content Example 01
Amazon A+ Content Example 03
Amazon A+ Content Example 04

A+ Content FAQ

When you get it together with any of our photo packages, we take the extra 7-9 images needed for your A+ Content EBC at no additional charge. This is because we already incur the expense of setting up the photo shoot and pass the savings on to you. So even if you are waiting for Amazon Brand Registry, many Sellers opt to have us do their A+ Content now.

Yes, this the recommended way to do it. We feature all or most product variations in 1 single A+ description so it can be used for all variations.

The way we present your product comes from a lot of research and 5+ years of Amazon experience. That said, we’re still human and sometimes make mistakes. So for any factual errors, (e.g. we put in the wrong measurements or missed a specific request from your intake form) we make those changes free-of-charge. 

However, for all other preferential changes ranging from graphic style to stock image swaps, we charge a revision fee per image of $25 AFTER the (1st round: Gold & Silver packages / 3 rounds: Platinum package) of changes. 

And any requests requiring a re-shoot is subject to additional photography, model, or location fees on an as needed basis.

We ask that by working with Kenji ROI you trust our expertise in Amazon listing optimization, and understand that in order to deliver a high standard at a reasonable price we need to limit revisions. We hope you understand. (if you’d like an intro to a designer who can offer further unlimited revisions on an hourly basis, let us know). Full revision policy & procedure.

Graphic Design: For graphic design photos included in A+ of the Fullstack photosets, we include 1 full round of revisions after delivery. Anything further will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Yes, each & every brand must be Brand Registered to use A+, even if sold on the same account as brands that are registered. A registered trademark is required before applying with Amazon.

Pretty much. EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) is the original version of A+ Content. Technically, Amazon discontinued EBC & replaced it with the very similar A+ Content tool that was already available to Vendor Central users. Both Seller Central (most sellers) and Vendor Central users now both use A+ Content, but many Amazon Sellers still refer to it as EBC.

We share exactly 0% of client information. At your request we will also sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

We do however greatly appreciate when clients give us permission to showcase the work we did together in our portfolio. This only happens upon express  written permission from client.

Why is Amazon A+ Content Important?

One of the biggest metrics Amazon uses to determine whether your product is a hit or a dud is conversion rate. If your conversion rate sucks, that means people look at your listing & aren’t buying… & Amazon doesn’t like it. Their algorithm determines your listing a “DUD”  & sends less traffic to your listing, & less sales.

The opposite is also true.

If your conversion rate kicks ass, Amazon’s algorithm says “Hey this thing is hot!” & throws more traffic your way. Well done Amazon APlus Content commonly increases conversion rates by up to 5-13%If you were making 300 sales per month at a 10% conversion rate, that would mean a boost to 450 or 600 units per month!

Is Amazon EBC Content the same as Amazon A Plus Content?

Amazon has now officially scrapped Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) & replaced it with A+ Content for all Seller Central accounts.

It’s essentially the same thing but with slightly different modules, and there are not longer pre made templates, you must manually choose your own module layout.

A+ Content was previously available only to Vendor Central accounts (for brands that sold wholesale directly to Amazon) but they decided to replace EBC in all seller accounts with A+ Content. 


What Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon does not charge sellers to use A+ Content. Kenji ROI offers 2 different A+ Content packages which you can see in the pricing table below. One option includes product photography while the other uses existing photos and we produce just the graphics & copywriting.

Can All Amazon Sellers Use A+ Content?

No, only brand registered brands can use it. To become Amazon Brand Registered, your brand must have a registered trademark, then you can apply for it here.

Amazon A+ Content Best Practices

  • If you’re looking for Amazon A+ Content dimensions, check out our FULL guide to A+ Content (EBC) here.
  • It’s against terms of service to use the same images in your main images & A+ Content, and may stop yours from getting approved. Use unique images for Amazon EBC (A+) and your main images.
  • Use graphic elements on every image to better showcase your brand feel. Cheaper low budget brands simply upload stock images and skimp on the branding so it’s an opportunity to portray your brand as premium.

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