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Foreign Amazon Sellers Flooding USA with James Dihardjo

Foreign Amazon Sellers Flooding USA

It’s no secret Chinese brands sell on Amazon US… but I didn’t expect these numbers.

Not just China, but countries I didn’t expect like India and Pakistan have a staggering number of 7 figure brands.

All selling in the US market, competing for your Amazon payouts.

This trend is speeding up quickly as developing countries play catch up and barriers to entry disappear.

What can Amazon sellers do to keep up?

Find out more in this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast where I grill James Dihardjo of MerchantSpring about the data they’ve been seeing.

James Dihardjo

James Dihardjo

James Dihardjo is co-founder of MerchantSpring and has been part of the e-commerce space in Australia since the early days. James is responsible for customer success and is obsessed with providing industry leading e-commerce analytics to sellers all over the world.