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With a rich history in Amazon sales, our forte has been optimizing listings since 2016.

The name Kenji represents a deeply personal connection. A seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur with seven-figure success, we’re also renowned as the host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast. Originating from a personal necessity, Kenji ROI swiftly expanded its reach, attracting prestigious clients such as Kevin David, Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory, and the team behind Oddbods, a popular Disney Channel show.

As a predominantly remote company, our operations span across continents. While our photography and video teams work alongside us, our Creative Director is based in Singapore, the Director of Amazon Ads in Vancouver, and our graphics team operates out of the Philippines. Embracing the ethos of the “digital nomad” lifestyle, we resonate with the experiences of many of our clients.

As the sole Amazon-focused agency to grace the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Founder, Kenji ROI continues to assert its dominance as the premier destination for Amazon listing optimization and PPC services.

Danny Carlson

CEO & Founder

Started as an Amazon seller in 2016. Canadian now living in Bali.

Says Quah

Creative Director

Singaporean ex. Vayner Media team member. Oversees quality and directs all creative projects.

Rowie van Zundert

Account Manager

Your main point of contact & a warm yet sharp communicator.

Putu Sila

Bali Operations Manager

Oversees on site operations at our Bali studio.


Kenji, our company’s namesake, holds a significant meaning as it translates to “firstborn male child” in Japanese 🙂

A dynamic force in e-commerce, we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey by producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014. Since then, we’ve steered Kenji ROI, an Amazon FBA Agency, towards unparalleled success, leading a team of more than 10 skilled professionals.