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How To Successfully Make Your Book Sell On Amazon?

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 12:32 pm

Finding the right ways to sell your book on Amazon FBA could make or break your success as an author. This is because thousands of books are struggling to get spotted online. Marketing, marketing, and more marketing are some of the best-kept secrets of writers who have written blockbusters. No one is telling you that.

If you’re not Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, or J.K. Rowling, you’ll still need to do everything you can to sell your books after they come out. If you don’t, they’ll just sit on Amazon’s shelves collecting dust.

It’s not hard to imagine why this is happening. Amazon has way too many books that are all trying to get people to buy them. 

A new study says that every other day, 7500 Kindle books are added to Amazon. It’s important to go the extra mile to get people to notice your book if you want it to stand out.

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How Can You Make Money with Kindle Publishing?

With Kindle direct printing, it’s easy to see how to make money. No need for you to do any of the writing, editing, or organizing. The Internet is full of skilled professional ghostwriters, editors, and graphic artists who want to work with self-publishers like you and find creative projects.

Your work will go live and start earning you profits as soon as you click a few buttons. The main steps are as follows:

  • Make an account for Kindle Direct Publishing. If you already have an amazon fba account, you can use that to log in to KDP. You will need to make a new account if not.
  • Amazon gives you clear instructions on how to set up your work for KDP.
  • Remember that Amazon takes a cut of your sales when you set your price. It’s important to price your Kindle book just right so you can make a profit without making it too expensive for the people you want to read it.
  • There is only one thing left to do: upload your work and set your price. Amazon will look over your book to make sure it follows its rules for release on Kindle. Once it does, it will be on sale in the store, usually the same week.

Enrol in KDP Select

No work is needed to promote your book on Amazon FBA in this way, which is by far the biggest and most famous. Along with being easy, if you’re a published author with an ebook on Amazon KDP, your book is usually automatically qualified to join the KDP Select program.

This lets Amazon sell your book on all of its platforms, but especially to its subscribers. If you include your book in Amazon KDP Select, you’ll get some of the following benefits:

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited users will see your book ads, and you’ll get paid based on how many pages or times your book is read. See this page for more information about KU.

Kindle Countdown Deals

You can offer a discount on your book for one week (5 days) every 90 days by putting it in a countdown deal. During the countdown, this means that even if your book is set below USD 2.99, you will still get up to 70% of the amazon sales.

Kindle Free Promotions

One of the perks of joining KDP Select is that you get five days of free book promotion every ninety days. During this sale, your book will show up on the Amazon Deals Page, which will help you get more attention.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL)

Similar to Kindle Unlimited, the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) program lets writers get paid every time their book is read.

From the moment you sign up for the KDP Select program, you can only sell your book on your website, for 90 days, or as long as the book is in the program. If you have hard copies, you can still sell them in person.

Some would-be authors might think this is a bit strange and not very appealing, but the KDP Select program has helped a lot of writers. Many people have also thought about what they lost.

To sum up, the KDP Select program can help your book in several ways. It gives you access to Amazon’s discount programs and free book promotions, among other things.

When you sign up your book for KDP Select, you should think carefully about the choices you have, the pros and cons, and the gains you could make.

It’s also important to know that once your book is in KDP Select, it can’t be taken out of the program until 90 days have passed.

Set your eBook for Pre-Order

As another popular way to sell your book on Amazon FBA, put it up for pre-order and do everything you can to get people excited about it before you publish it. Amazon pre-order lets you change the information about your new eBook and let people pre-order it before it even comes out.

You can make your new ebook available up to a year or a few days before the book comes out in print, but not yet for ebooks.

Before it comes out, people will be able to pre-order your ebook during this time. And until the deadline, you can always change what’s in your book.

You can also work on advertising the book and getting people to pre-order it, visit its page, or just look for it on Amazon during this time.

Doing this can help the book get a better search rank and get some good exposure before it goes live. After the book comes out, this is also one way to get it on the Amazon best-seller list.

Note: Don’t sign up for pre-publication unless you’re sure your book will be ready by the due date. Or, work on only setting a date that you can keep. If you have to use pre-ordering, make sure you get a good amount of attention and maybe even real pre-orders before the book goes live.

Sell at a Limited Discount

The Kindle Countdown deals are one of the best ways to get people to buy your book on Amazon if you’re already in the KDP Select program. You have about seven days to sell your book to people at a lower price through the countdown deals on Amazon FBA.

If your book sells for less than $2.99, you’d get 35% of the sale price as royalties. With KDP Select, you can still get up to 70% of the sale price as royalties.

These kinds of sales can help you lower the price of your book to get more people to buy it, which will increase your sales.

You can also use it to get data that can help you guess the correct price for your book based on how much most people prefer to pay for it.

Sign Up For The Free Book Offer

All books that are part of the KDP Select program can be used in Amazon’s free book offer. Absolutely! Readers have worked hard to make your book, so I know you’re thinking why you should give it away for free.

However, this is what happened. Promoting your book on Amazon with a free book is a great way to get free press in return.

It helps you by letting you set your books to be read and downloaded for free for 5 days every 90 days after you sign up for KDP Select.

A lot of people might be able to download the book, visit your page, or spread the word about your book during this time. So, this can help get more people to read your book. When your free sale time is up, your books will be sold at their regular price.

  1. This could get a lot of attention for your book, but it could also have some problems that you need to think about before deciding to go with it.

Opt-in for Free Book Promotion

There is an Amazon offer where all books in the KDP Select program can be downloaded for free. Of course! After all the work you put into making the book, I know you’re thinking why you should give it away for free.

An excellent way to sell your Amazon book and get free publicity at the same time is to offer a free book.

It lets you set your books to be read and downloaded for free for 5 days every 90 days after you sign up for KDP Select.

This is the time when a lot of people might be able to download the book, visit your page, or spread the word about your book. Ultimately, this can help more people find your book. Your books will be sold at the regular price after the free promotion time is over.

While this could get a lot of people talking about your book, you should be aware of its possible downsides before deciding to go with it.

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Use Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways for you as an author to get people to buy your book on Amazon FBA is to use social media marketing.

It can work for both new and experienced writers, whether they have a lot of followers on social media or not. Of course, this approach will work better if your audience is interested in what you have to say.

Using your content or the help of social media stars is one way to use this to sell your book on Amazon.

Keep in mind that if you’re in the KDP Select program, you can’t sell your books directly on social media. Instead, you’re supposed to use social media to spread links to your books on Amazon.

You can get people to your Amazon page for free with content marketing, or you can pay for ads that push the links and send people there. Consider paid ads. You can also use paid ads to get people to buy your Amazon-published books.

To promote your book with paid ads, you can use search engine ads, social media paid ads on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or digital publisher paid ads, like Amazon’s.

We have noticed over the years that many writers would rather use paid ads on social media and, to a lesser extent, Amazon than search engine ads.

If you’re thinking about using paid ads for your books, you should think about how much they will cost, how they will affect people, and how much money you will make in total.

If other writers are using paid ads or a certain type of promotion service, that doesn’t mean you should too. Before starting these kinds of promotions, you should do some study and come up with some results.

Along with the other strategy mentioned above, guest blogging is another important way to get people to read your book, buy your brand, and become an author.

Engage in Guest Blogging

For promoting your book on Amazon FBA, Guest Blogging is one of the best and most rewarding methods. Compared to other ways to sell your book, this is also one of the hardest. If you want to quickly get around this, you can get to know bloggers or other people with big followings.

You can write original content for their sites, ask to be interviewed, or get special features in exchange for a piece of content. While it may be hard to get free features, if you have a lot of money, you can get paid features.

Gathering More Authentic Reviews

If you ask your customers for honest feedback, you can get real ideas and build trust. Help people be honest so that real, useful reviews can help your product or service get better.

By giving copies of your book to well-known bloggers, you can boost sales. If you want to avoid bad reviews, choose a blogger who writes about books in the same field as yours. Not having the same tastes could lead to bad reviews, which could turn people off from reading and buying.

Use their reviews to improve your reputation, get more people to read your work, and make a big deal out of it. Take advantage of the popularity of blogger reviews to get more people to read your book.

Encourage your friends to read and share your book. It can help sales if they leave good reviews and tell their friends about your business. You can get more people to read your book by using your network to its fullest.

Develop A Stronger Fanbase

Attract dedicated who will support your work and help you in your creativity. Readers are often hesitant to give new independent authors’ books a chance, especially if the author is not well-known. 

By giving away free chapter excerpts, you effortlessly hook readers with the first 10% of your book. With this incentive, they’re more likely to look at the rest of the items and make a buy.

Do email swaps with other authors to boost sales of your books. Trade ads with each other to reach more people and use each other’s readership. 

By using this joint method, you can reach new readers and maybe even get your books more attention. Making an author group where people work together in this way helps your book marketing efforts.

Taking part in a multi-author anthology can help you sell more books. It’s easier to reach more people and reach different types of readers when you work with other writers. 

More people can read your book because of the draw of the different authors in one anthology. A good synergy is created when writers work together, which makes each person’s work more visible.

Why Your Amazon KDP Book Isn’t Selling?

It can be helpful for authors to share their books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform so that a lot of people can see them. Making your book available on Amazon does not, however, ensure that it will sell. Many authors have a hard time selling their books on Amazon KDP. 

Your Cover Isn’t Eye-Catching

Someone who might want to read your book will see the title first when they look through Amazon. If you want to get people’s attention and show what kind of book it is, you need a professional-looking book cover. Sellers did a poll and found that 30% of people had bought a book because of its cover.

Paying a professional artist or using online tools like Canva to make a good cover for your book could help it look better. Making sure it shows what the book is about and stands out from other books in the same genre is important.

Your Description Isn’t Compelling

Writing a good description of your book is another important part of getting people to buy it. A good description should give a clear overview of the story, genre, and themes of your book while also making the reader feel something and spark their interest.

To make your book description better, focus on making an interesting hook that makes people want to read more. Strong verbs and adjectives should be used, and you should stress the things that make your book different from others in the same field.

Your Book Isn’t Categorized Correctly

Amazon FBA sorts books into groups based on topic, sub-genre, and other factors. It might not show up in the right search results if your book isn’t properly labeled, which makes it harder for people who might want to read it to find it.

Find out which categories and subcategories are best for your book’s material and genre to help you put it in the right one. You can also use tools to look at the competition and find book niches that will make you money.

Your Price Is Too High

Potential readers may not want to buy your book if it is priced too high, especially if they can find related books in the same genre for less money. To stay competitive, find out how much other books in the same field cost and change your price to match. 

You can also use Profitability Calculators to figure out how much money you might make based on your price and Amazon’s fees. To help you set the best price for your book, the calculator looks at things like how much it costs to print, how much it costs to sell, and how many copies were sold.

Your Marketing Strategy Is Weak

Your book may not sell even if it has a great cover, an interesting description, the right category, and a reasonable price if you don’t market it well. To improve your book’s marketing, you could reach out to potential readers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

You could also use book promotion sites like Bookbub, Bargain Booksy, and Freebooksy to reach a wider audience. Email lists and author newsletters are also good ways to build a loyal readership and raise awareness of your book.

Bottom Line

You should know that getting a good number of sales and reviews for your book in the first few weeks after it comes out on Amazon is very important. In terms of ratings and Amazon SEO, it helps a lot. Your book will be seen by more people if more people buy it and review it.

Getting the word out about your book as soon as it comes out is important for this reason. These are just a few of the many ways you can promote your book. If you use them, they will help get the word out a lot.

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