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Danny Carlson founded Kenji ROI in 2016 & helped us grow to more than 25 full time employees.

We’ve served brands in all categories with listing optimization & Amazon PPC Management services, and have produced 2000+ Amazon product listings.

A Holistic Approach to Amazon PPC Management

Focusing only on the Amazon Ads themselves is a losing strategy.

Ad performance relies heavily on other factors like listing optimization, overall marketing strategy, & organic keyword ranking.

That’s why Kenji ROI’s Amazon Ads Management service takes a holistic approach. As a leading Amazon Listing Optimization agency since 2016, we use our conversion boosting experience to increase PPC results.

PPC managers that only manage the ads are fundamentally limited in their ability to perform. Go with Kenji Unified PPC™

Amazon PPC Management Services

Amazon Ads Management

$1497Base USD

Plus 2% of non-branded advertising revenue

While we will still make recommendations for listing optimization improvements if we notice them, we only include the implementation of listing optimization in Kenji Unified PPC™. Only management of the Amazon Ads themselves.


We manage all types of Amazon Ads for all your products with weekly reporting and optional strategy calls. Includes one seller account in one marketplace (see add-ons below for those).

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Amazon Advertising Partner

Amazon Solution Provider Network

Certified by PPC Certification . com

Kenji Unified PPC™

$2997Base USD

Plus 2% of non-branded advertising revenue


We deliver real Amazon shopper data gathered during the research phase of the project and deliver the most useful snippets to you.

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We add relevant keywords into your image files “metadata” which is hidden information only visible to computers. This adds one more data point to increase relevancy of your product to the Amazon and Google serach algorithms.

We don’t charge you more money to use your Kenji ROI images on other platforms (common practice). You get Universal Rights & Full Image Ownership, no extra fees no matter where you want to use the images in the future. Ads, social media, your own website, they’re yours forever.


Ads management meets listing optimization for exponential performance gains. Kenji Unified PPC uses advertising data to strategize & implement conversion rate improvements.

Our in-house creative team handles photo, video, design, keyword, and writing to make targeted listing page improvements. This boosts ad sales while reducing adspend, and also improves organic sales.  

Amazon Ads Add-Ons

Have multiple on brands across different seller accounts? We can manage them all for a small additional fee.

Also selling in Canada, UK, Australia? We can also run ads there too for a small additional fee. We currently do not run ads for non-English language marketplace like Germany, Spain, Japan, etc.

Amazon PPC Case Studies

kenji roi case study amazon ads
kenji roi case study amazon ads
kenji roi case study amazon ads
kenji roi case study amazon ads

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t use fully automated “AI” software simply because it’s not good enough yet. The majority of our clients work with us after trying one of these softwares, and it’s often quite a mess.

We do use “rule based automation” software to help our manager be more effective. We set up custom rules for basic changes that each need to be approved or denied by a manager, giving us full control.

This allows us to spend less time clicking around adjusting bids, and more time analyzing data or implementing high level strategies.

Brands capable of spending $5000 USD per month or more on Amazon ads costs are eligible to work with us.  Good results depend on minimum $5k monthly adspend to have enough data to effectively grow the account with smart optimizations, and for our fees to be worth it.

You’ll have access to your own 24/7 metrics dashboard that shows data from organic and ad sales you can see how we’re doing in real time.

You’ll also get handwritten reports from your account manager so you always understand what the numbers mean, and what we are working towards.

You can reach your account manager by email or booked Zoom call at any time during your retainer.

For the right brands and under the right conditions, yes. Let us know your current brand and history of sales on other channels when reaching out and we’ll see if it makes sense to work together or not.

Amazon Ads Management Strategies

Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products

The main advertising platform that all brands selling on Amazon have built in to their Amazon Seller Central account.

We use our proprietary blend of manual & automatic campaign that work together creating maximum sales at the lowest spend possible.

We Use Strategies Such As:

  • Waterfall Campaign to Identify Optimal Bid Range
  • Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase, & Exact Match Campaigns to Optimize Match Type
  •  Dynamic Bid Management to Optimize Adspend Daily
  • Brand Protection Campaigns to Dominate Your Brand Related Keywords

Amazon Product Display Ads

Amazon Product Display Ads​

What if you could choose exactly which products your ads show up on? You can with Product Display Ads.

Using data from our deep-dive keyword analysis, we identify the competing & similar products that your products are clearly better than.

We then place ads for your product on those product pages, stealing sales directly from them.

It’s a highly effective way to steal sales and gain ranking for YOUR keywords that otherwise would have gone to competing products.

Sponsored Brands & Retargeting

Sponsored Brands & Retargeting

Not all brands will have access to these strategies unless they are Amazon Brand Registered, but for the right brands they can add a massive advantage.

Sponsored Brands ads show up to 3 of your products at once in a banner at the top of the search results & are a great way to showcase your 3 best options at once.

Retargeting ads are shown specifically to shoppers who have engaged with your brand before. It’s a newer strategy & works for some products better than others.

Since our Amazon Advertising Management Strategy is custom to each brand we work with, we will determine whether or not these ones are right for your brand.