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Real People, Real Products: Lifestyle Photography with Models


Real People, Real Products: Lifestyle Photography with Models

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A consumer’s buying decision is based on the quality of your Amazon product photography. You have a few seconds to convert a customer in a market with dozens or even hundreds of sellers of the same products. A small change in the context or image quality may result in a massive increase in conversions and Amazon visibility.

The feeling of being the “leading product” or the “original” on Amazon is enhanced by sellers with the most incredible product photos and relevant lifestyle imagery.

When customers can’t physically touch or see your product, it’s crucial to visually address concerns like “How big is this product,” “What colors are offered,” and “How will this fit into my life.”

The Formula For Successful Amazon Product Images

It’s important to consider how you can utilize photography to give your audience helpful information about your product, not just how well you can picture it.

This implies that, while your new iPhone won’t be enough to produce the required photos, you won’t have to sell a kidney to pay for the necessary photography services. When it comes down to it, all you need are good photographs that have been well-taken and edited in a way that works best for Amazon’s design.

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Use Real People Instead of Just Professional Models

A great way to do genuine lifestyle fashion photography is to include real individuals, such as friends or relatives. You’ll find it simpler to picture realistic expressions and stories in addition to real-life occurrences.

These narratives assist anyone who comes upon the image to imagine “I could be that person.” If you’re on a tight budget, using real people is another excellent approach to save costs.

Catch Your Models at Work

Your models aren’t being asked to stand in front of a white background, stare at the lens and smile. Brands are not seeking stuff like that. Customers want you to document a story as it develops. You should genuinely run into the park to capture model lifestyle photography.

The people watching are as intelligent as your camera. Your catch will appear more natural if the events are as accurate. Spray bottles and on-the-spot static short runs are much less effective than a little amount of genuine sweating.

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Strive for Authenticity

Images that show people’s everyday lives are what authenticity means in lifestyle photography. There won’t be any contrived images with posed things, accessories, artfully positioned artificial lighting, or studio photo shoots.

Most people you work with probably wouldn’t consider being followed about by someone recording you on camera to be typical. They can use your guidance on where to pose for photos and what attire will suit them the best.

Picture of Ordinary Scenes

When choosing a location for your lifestyle shoot, light is less of a factor than in most other types of photography. Instead, think about two aspects: the venue that most reflects your customers’ personalities and the place where they feel most at ease.

Watch Your Every Move

Wildlife and lifestyle photography share some similarities. You have as little of an impact as you can in a dynamic, quick-paced world. A cheetah’s speed is nothing compared to the speed of an excited toddler, and you’ll quickly come to that realization.

Typically, the most memorable moments last under a second in a lifestyle shoot. You must learn to see them coming and be ready to shoot. You can catch the seconds just before and after the moment by using the burst mode, which produces pictures with a more significant emotional impact.

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Negative Space

Negative Space in Photography- Good or Bad? - PhotographyAxis

Consider the negative space in the frame as another strategy for lifestyle product photography. This will enable the item to breathe and balance within your building frame. Ensure a sense of composition with the product as the primary focus when using negative space around the subject. The product shouldn’t be dominated by negative space.

Add A Little Post-Production Touch

After a session, you might discover that you didn’t crop your images exactly or get the light right, so you’ll need to edit in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Increase the contrast or correct the horizon by a few degrees. You could also modify your lighting and shadows to ensure nothing is clipped.

After that, lower your mid tones to ensure that everything is balanced. It simply gives it a lovely, brilliant light.

Backgrounds, textures, and items In lifestyle product photography, props are the most crucial tools you’ll use. Make sure to choose to attract elements that enable you to bring the theme of your product to life once the concept you are shooting has been decided upon and represents it. With this in mind, it will provide a more straightforward styling approach for every scene.

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Get the Right Tools Together

Once you are comfortable with the game’s rules, it is time to become familiar with the necessary tools. You can make outstanding pictures with the help of the following items, which might increase sales.

  • Background material
  • Background stand
  • Light sources and enhancers
  • Artificial light stand
  • Tripod or other support structure
  • A great camera
  • Shooting table

Avoid Using Overly Edited Images

Potential customers may notice it if your product appears too fantastic. It is best only moderately to edit photos using programs like Photoshop. If you use too many effects on your product images, they may appear fake and hurt your credibility with customers. Just remember that taking photos for Amazon listings is more important than any editing expertise.

Shooting Table and Setup

The background stand and the shooting table collaborate. The table serves as the “stage” for your products to be appropriately shown and tall. The ideal table size ranges from 24 square to 24 by 48 inches.

Set the Camera to the Proper Settings

Not all cameras are created equally. You could change several of the following settings to ensure you get high-quality photographs.

Switch off the flash

Change the white balance on the camera to auto (for instance, from WB to AWB). Make sure the camera’s image settings are optimized for the best results. The default setting is generally JPEG Fine.

  • Set the file size to L or Large.
  • Set the exposure setting to Manual.

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Top 5 Product Image Editing Techniques For Amazon

Editing photos is necessary to follow Amazon’s regulations and draw in consumers. Amazon just released new guidelines for product lifestyle photography. Your product photo will be taken off Amazon automatically if you don’t match the requirements. If you publish an image on Amazon, that image won’t be ranked.

1.Cropping Product Photographs

Cropping is the act of removing unwanted elements to create a better composition. In this case, cropping an image enables you to eliminate the image’s perimeter to create a more effective framework or design. The image’s aspect ratio could be impacted by this function, though.

Therefore, using a product photo editor that enables you to crop while maintaining the aspect ratio is always preferable. The optimum layout or frame for each e-commerce photo can also be created by cropping. It can also push the main subject closer to the viewer and remove any eye-distracting elements from the edges.

Resizing Product Image

Representing Different Product Sizes in Product Images

Resizing is altering a product image’s dimensions without affecting its proportions. Different social media and e-commerce eras have different image sizes that must follow their style manuals. To meet Amazon’s specifications, sellers must scale product images.

Raw images tend to be very large and must meet any platform’s standards. The next step is to build a sizing guide to ensure that you create the right product size and that the actual size of the product is noticed.

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Background Elimination OR Modification

Background removal is required for Amazon photo editing. You can only have something once the item matches your ideal self. Your image background must be changed, but you can’t do that without removing the current environment.

Your immense expertise must be used to accomplish it. You may still get an excellent job by using a background removal service because only experts in the field can do it well. The editing process sometimes includes changing the background of an Amazon photo.

Whatever the backdrop is, it needs to be taken down and a white one put in its place. Different online platforms require different backdrop colors and sizes. If your product image has no white background, Amazon will reject it. Making your background white is difficult.

Changing your background to white would be unattractive and unusual, so you can’t do that. Your sales may need an appealing and realistic photo. It will turn off your target market. Therefore, hiring experts to carry out this task may be advantageous.

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Summing Up

In a nutshell, Amazon has a robust and well-organized product photo policy. Any image that does not follow Amazon’s rules will be deleted from the product listing. To prevent this situation, sellers must change their photo before listing on Amazon. But you can only do that if you have a solid understanding of product image editing.

In this case, expanding your online store requires professional assistance. Ultimately, it is impossible to emphasize the value of product photo editing in growing your Amazon business. You need to concentrate on it because of this. Good luck to you!