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Capture Perfect Shots: Essential Gear for Product Photography

amazon product photography

The success of your product photography for Amazon FBA can influence how well you perform as a seller in any market. In short, the most crucial component of your listing for turning potential buyers into customers who make purchases is the product photos.

Selling on Amazon may resemble running your online shop, but it’s a very different game. Here, amazon photography sets the regulations, and there are hundreds of other sellers that are selling products that are comparable to yours. So how do you succeed in this competitive market by standing out? 

How To Take Amazing Amazon Product Photos?

The following equipment is necessary to get the best photos for product photography:

  • Get Your Hands On A Good Camera

A photo taken with your camera must have a resolution of at least one megapixel. By doing this, you meet Amazon’s minimum image requirement of 1,000 x 500 pixels. Today, almost all cell phones can overcome this barrier. 

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy s9 has a resolution of 12 megapixels. The cameras on newer phones are even better. Once you fulfill the requirements of product photography, your conversion rates will go up. 

However, double-check to ensure it has more megapixels than your phone if your non-cell phone camera is a bit older.

If necessary, borrow a camera—whether a friend’s smartphone or DSLR. The task can be completed without spending a lot of money.

  • Make Sure The Product Is Complete And Ready To Use

Your product’s supplier probably gave you a prototype. That’s fantastic. But be sure you have the product in the form you intend to sell. 

Your product may be shipped directly to Amazon; the remainder could be sent to you. Before delivering your first cargo to Amazon’s fulfillment center (if you want Amazon to fulfill orders for you), you should receive it at your home or 3PL warehouse.

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  • Primary Product Image with a White Background

Placing your subject on the poster board and supporting one of the edges like a brochure can assist the light in reflecting when you take a picture. It will appear darker in the room’s shadows if it sits on a whiteboard with nothing behind it. Ensure white is behind and underneath the item by keeping the sides up. 

  1. Ensure your white backdrop is at least 5 feet by 5 feet (1.5 meters by 1.5 meters). The best are curved, solid white backdrops. These are available on Amazon for less than $40.
  2. High-quality, completely realistic product photography for amazon are required
  3. An item needs to be perfectly set and take up 85% of the image

To avoid blurring when zoomed in, the platform only allows images at least 1500 x 1500 pixels in size. Ideas for Amazon products should only feature pertinent accessories. 

This means an image should only include accessories that complement the main object. If not, buyers can be happy because their purchase differed from what they had expected.

  • Decide On Your Lighting Strategy

Use softly diffuse lighting for the best outcomes. A bright light source will produce sharp shadows that detract from the product’s overall look. Additionally, shadows destroy the desired illusion of a white background. If you shoot outside, outdoor lighting is the cheapest and most straightforward option. 

Get a translucent umbrella for photography for amazon products if you snap pictures indoors because the weather isn’t cooperating with you outside. A light bulb has been attached to the stand. The light is reflected equally by the umbrella. 

  • A Product 360° View

product 360 view

One of the most practical CG tools for product inspection is a 360° spin. Customers can spin the interactive 360° model of the furniture piece in any direction. Additionally, it enables zooming in and out to view the design in greater depth. 

Overall, this CG tool makes Amazon purchasing online more like in-store shopping. Customers are also less likely to return an item or post a poor review because they can inspect it before buying. So a 360° product view is helpful to both customers and sellers.

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  • Amazon Infographics

A good infographic can highlight a product’s key design elements, which makes it a powerful Amazon product image. Customers who see it are more likely to remember this product and understand why it is the best choice. 

The problem is that visual representations of information enable comprehension more quickly than textual ones.

Amazon infographics may highlight essential design elements like component proportions and altering features. To further condense the explanation, vector badges such as “100% wood” or “360° spin” may be used. 

The sellers can utilize the same furniture 3D renderings they currently have and add a copy and badges on top of it to produce these graphics instead of ordering fresh product photos.

  • A Tripod Or Additional Support Stands 

When taking product photos, a tripod is an essential piece of gear you absolutely must get because it helps stabilize the camera while you’re shooting. It’s crucial to pick a location for capturing photos with poor lighting while setting up a studio-like setup at home. 

  1. Even in low light, you can prevent camera shaking and take clear, sharp shots using a tripod. 
  2. The tripod gives the camera a solid foundation and aids in maintaining its position while taking pictures. 

This implies that the camera will stay steady and create a sharp image even if you move slightly or breathe during photo-taking. Hiring an amazon product photographer will appropriately place and adjust for height and angle. This will ensure that your photos are correctly framed and that the product is the subject of the shot.

  • A Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee Sign

product warranty sign

Amazon has strict but relatively flexible guidelines on product images. For instance, a Primary amazon listing image should be a crisp, white backgrounded, high-resolution product image. You must do that. The backgrounds of additional photos could vary, though. 

Brands can post close-up and cut-out views, more viewpoints, and photographs of everyday life. They can also utilize the 3D models of the products as the base for collages and infographics. 

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  • A Memory Card

The SD card is necessary for taking Amazon product images since it enables you to store and transfer your photos from your camera to your laptop for editing and archiving. Your efforts would only be helpful if you could keep your images on an SD card.

Keep a few SD cards on hand because they are reasonably priced. In this manner, you can quickly switch out total cards for empty ones to guarantee that you always have enough storage capacity for your images.

It’s crucial to pick an SD card that works with your camera and has the proper storage for your needs. Typically, an SD card’s storage capacity is expressed in gigabytes (GB), with larger cards having more storage space.

It’s also critical to consider the SD card’s speed because it can impact your camera’s performance. Since faster cards can write data to the card more quickly, they are better suited for continuous and burst-mode shooting. Slower cards cause your camera to shutter slowly or stop altogether if the buffer is full.

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  • Use Props 

product props

If you enjoy using props as a seller, you already have ideas on what to utilize in your upcoming pictures. If a seller is a professional photographer for amazon products, he will show the product exactly as it is if you want it to look natural. You want your buyer to see an accurate representation of your product. That would fit the concept better. 

However, you do not want your image to appear dull. To make things more interesting, you can add some plants. They would even add color to your image while maintaining its natural appearance. 

  • Duct Tape And Clamps

These pieces fasten the white background roll to the table and walls where the product will be photographed. The product won’t move while being photographed, and the background will stay even and seamless. 

Clamps are a practical choice because they allow you to modify the white background material’s location and give a more stable hold. You can also use duct tape to hold the fabric in place while ensuring it is taut and free of wrinkles. 

These subtle but necessary elements are crucial for the final product to seem professional and adhere to Amazon’s photo specifications. After the shot, the clamps and tape are simple to remove, making cleanup and getting ready for the next session quick and easy.

  • Take Multiple Pictures Of The Product

Product photos aim to display the item in its best light and offer potential customers a clear understanding of what they can expect from your goods. For them to choose to buy the product favorably, you want your photographs to demonstrate it as clearly as possible. 

They will be able to understand them after they see what your goods are. Take images from different angles. The viewer will be given a subliminal hint regarding its power. 

The bird’s-eye perspective flattens the depth and might effectively highlight a shape or a particular element. Shoot your stuff from multiple angles. You must at least display the product’s front and back. Remember to take pictures of your product detailing.

  • Edit Your Photos

To acquire the desired effect, you need to adjust the photographs’ brightness, contrast, and color after they have been taken. You can accomplish this with the help of a reliable photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. 

  1. You must edit your images to remove the shadows from the white background. 
  2. Your products should appear to be floating in a space of white. Adobe Photoshop is the go-to programme for photo editing. 

However, spending money on just one set of product images is expensive. Free Photoshop alternatives are available; the most significant are Krita and GIMP. Hire a product photographer for Amazon from a website like Fiverr if you need to gain experience with Photoshop or other image-editing tools.

Final Thought

Every successful e-commerce firm needs to have Amazon product photography. In addition to helping things be shown in their best light, it also conveys crucial information about the product to potential customers.

 A successful product listing on Amazon includes some essential components, including fantastic photos, product titles, bullet points, relevant keywords, and product descriptions. Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words, so use it wisely!