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Tricks to Get Amazon Shoppers to BUY

Tricks to Get Amazon Shoppers to BUY

Last updated on May 1st, 2022 at 01:55 pm

Why do shoppers buy or NOT buy your product on the Amazon marketplace? Most FBA sellers have some ideas, but they don’t really know.

Truth is, most shoppers aren’t even sure why themselves!

There is so much information being processed subconsciously that if you as a seller don’t understand it, you’ll miss out on thousands per month in sales.

This presentation was originally given by myself (Danny Carlson) at White Label Expo London 2022, and I’ve recorded a higher quality version for all of you in internet land which you can check out below!

What we’ll cover

  • How to capture the attention of Amazon shoppers so you can sell products 
  • How to KEEP that attention until they complete purchase
  • Actionable steps you can take to improve sales on your product listings

Why do Amazon Shoppers Buy? (or not)

It’s important to get inside the mind of your customers so you can optimize your Amazon listings to sell more effectively.

  • They don’t necessarily know WHY they buy. It’s based on subconscious thoughts.
  • They often buy on gut feeling
    • Processing dozens of data points subconsciously
  • There are different types of shoppers that make buying decisions differently
    • Product expert vs. naive 
    • Readers vs. Visual 
    • Insta-buy vs. compare to the death

Don’t exclude any of these customer types. Have great images, copywriting, videos, etc to cover them all.

Visuals are Processed 60,000 x Faster in the Brain Than Text

Images are the most important part of your Amazon listing optimization.

  • It takes your brain just 13 milliseconds to process 1 img
  • 2 seconds of viewing an image is equivalent to reading 30,000 wpm
  • My reading speed is 400 wpm…

You can SHOW an incredible amount of information much faster than you can explain it using text or audio. 

The Brain Evolved with Images, Language is New

  • Written language is only 5000 years old. The brain is not naturally evolved to use language.
  • You have to learn it for years as a child before you’re good at it, but visuals are understood by toddlers.
  • Visuals are understood across languages

Conclusion: Show all key product info just within the images But don’t exclude the readers!

How to capture the attention of more Amazon shoppers

  • It doesn’t matter how good your product page is if no one clicks on it.
  • You are selling the click, not the product
  • Increasing Click Through Rate by just 0.1% can translate to $1000s
  • Be the best option relative to the competition 

Main Image Optimization for Amazon Products

Your main image on Amazon is your visual first impression, and the better it is, the more shoppers will click on your product instead of competitors.

  1. Clearly communicate what the product is. Ask “how can I make it visually obvious?”
  2. Strikingly stand out when put next to other options on search results
  3. Follow Amazon’s image guidelines (optional)
  4. Very bright, professional studio lighting
  5. Fill the maximum amount of given space

Title Optimization on Amazon Listings

Your title on Amazon is also important to your click-through rate, but should also be well optimized for the right search terms.

  • Clearly communicate the most key info about your product
  • Have your main keyword phrases in exact match, but not at the expense of making key info difficult to find within a messy title

Reviews and Price: Do They Matter?

They definitely do! I won’t go into that here because as Amazon sellers, we have less control over these than we do on the images and keywords for example.

Just keep in mind that the more reviews, the better, and the better your price is compared to other options, the better.

How to KEEP Customer Attention Until They Buy

Otherwise known as “conversion rate.” The higher the percentage of shoppers that view your product page and end up buying, the higher it will be.

  • You as a brand owner have a skewed view of what’s cool about your product (No one cares your water bottle can also be a paperweight.)
  • Don’t waste attention spans on anything that’s not the key info that will give them the confidence your product is the one right for them
  • Use all the tools available: A+ Content description, Amazon listing video, Amazon Brand Storefront, Amazon product photography

Instead of having all white background images with a bunch of text, how can you SHOW this information without words? 

  • Icons
  • Lifestyle images

Make them intentional and focused on showing Key Info

Key Takeaways

  • Just one of these things can increase sales permanently
  • Every time you shop on Amazon, analyze your own thoughts
  • Know your customer better than they know themselves