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How To Prepare for the Impending Ecommerce Boom

How To Prepare for the Impending Ecommerce Boom with Jeff Lieber, CEO of Turnkey Product Management

Last updated on December 7th, 2020 at 07:49 am

COVID wreaked havoc on Amazon sellers, but it’s set things up for a massive ecommerce boom on the other side.

The same companies that weather the storm well are the ones that will make massive profits in the ecommerce boom on the other side.

Jeff Lieber from Turnkey shares what’s been working well for the brands he manages to thrive during economic downturn, and the strategies they are using to benefit from the increase in ecommerce buyers.

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Jeff Lieber

Jeff Lieber

Jeff began selling on Amazon while launching his own product brands in the pet and baby niches.

After growing and selling his businesses, Jeff began consulting with other brands and training a team of Amazon Experts.