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Amazon SEO: How to Rank Higher for Amazon Searches

Last updated on July 24th, 2022 at 11:38 pm

Online purchases have become an integral life of our everyday lives, and Amazon is the biggest platform that helps to realize that. Millions of people visit Amazon every day, so sellers aim to bring their products to the top of Amazon search rank listings so that more visitors would notice them. To convert such expectations into results, SEO for Amazon products would be needed.

Implementing SEO for Amazon store is something necessary that every seller should take care of to stay compatible on the huge retail platform. Thus, find Amazon SEO tips for the best results on SERP in this article to promote your products and increase your income gradually.

What is Amazon SEO?

One of the biggest companies is Amazon which employs dozens of thousands of employees and has offices all over the world. Its main activity refers to e-commerce and cloud computing services. This article, in particular, will focus on Amazon e-commerce platform and SEO for Amazon store. Thus, when we talk about Amazon, this would refer to its e-commerce platform in this article.

Each seller or company that wants to reach an extremely large audience, register their branded stores on Amazon. However, being one of many, each small business has to apply SEO techniques to appear closer to Amazon visitors.

Amazon could be compared to Google in some way as it provides a list of results based on the search query initiated by a user. In the case of Amazon, a user gets a list of products, which is similar to Google’s list of websites. Therefore, the principles of search engine optimization are also applied to Amazon as they do apply to Google and other search engines.

Another question that naturally comes into mind is how to do SEO for Amazon products. What particular promotional methods should be used in order to bring the company’s products higher on the search results lists? Are those techniques the same as those used for SEO on Google?

As Amazon has an embedded search engine, the way it functions is similar to that of Google, Yahoo, Bing. Naturally, there are some specific features that sellers should consider when promoting their products on Amazon.

Amazon SEO best practices

The core techniques to be used for the product promotion on Amazon are based on those used for Google. Also, there are many other minor but very important details that each seller should consider to improve the visibility of its products.

Referral traffic

When any online source of credible nature refers to another online resource on the web, this means much to Google and Amazon. This is usually called the referral traffic from external websites. To rank your Amazon products high, you should consider implementing this method into your overall SEO strategy.

To start gaining links from external resources, find sites here that relate to your industry. Then ask them to consider inserting the link to your product on their websites. This would initiate the creation of connections between your product and other online resources, which consequently will be perceived positively by Amazon search engine.

Product content optimization

Each product within any Amazon store has a set of characteristics and components related to it. Those are the product description, title, backend keywords, punctuation marks, and many others.

For optimizing description, it is necessary to use the right keywords to improve Amazon search rank. Also, the product description should not be stuffed with keywords as Amazon already uses the AI-based engine that understands semantics.

Another important aspect is to pay attention to the punctuation within your products description. It is not recommended to use special symbols such as colon, semicolon, and others. Those might interfere with the correct perception of text by the search engine and misinterpretation of keywords or key phrases used by visitors in search.

PPC use

This option might be of interest for new sellers on Amazon who have recently created a store and started promoting the product listing. It is available under the Advertising tab in the store settings of any Amazon seller.

The platform offers three types of pay-per-click advertising: sponsored product, sponsored brand, and product display ad. To be more specific, sponsored ads allow targeting particular product keywords, which means that the promoted product will appear above the organic search results.

Another option is to promote the brand itself with the appropriate keywords that might also relate to certain products. These ads would appear at the very top of the page right after the user types in the search request and presses Enter.

To start using Amazon PPC, you should first estimate your marketing budget. Based on that, you will also be able to select the type of PPC advertising and start promoting your products effectively. That way, you will be able to reach more users that will see your products once related search requests are made.

Product listings optimization

When creating your products for your Amazon store, make sure to organize the products in the right categories. In case the page is placed in the category that is not relevant to the product itself, this would influence how users find it.

Other tips

While promoting products in your store is tightly related to the elements of the page, there are also things that could be seen from outside of Amazon. For that, use the tools for SEO for Amazon store promotion that will help you to derive statistical data and make analysis based on it.

Another tip to consider is to understand which key factors are crucial to Amazon when ranking products. This is where SEO techniques for Amazon might slightly differ from those used by conventional search engines.

The key set of factors that Amazon pays attention to are the following: product reviews, pricing, and conversion rate. As Amazon keeps customers’ needs as a priority, it aims to demonstrate products with the best reviews first. Another factor is pricing, which is especially important for similar products of different sellers. Conversion rate also plays a great role in product ranking on Amazon – the higher the percentage of purchase compared to the overall number of product listings is the better.

Keeping your inventory in the actual state is also crucial as this would influence the bounce rate. There are also other different tips that would help you to succeed on Amazon.

Strategy for SEO for Amazon store

Creating an SEO strategy for your Amazon store is crucial as it makes up a foundation of your success. Having a plan for developing your e-commerce business is the right point to start from.

Given that there is a variety of techniques that could be used for SEO of your Amazon store,

think of the most relevant ones that would be included in your SEO strategy. Selecting those tactics that are the most suitable for your store would help to concentrate the efforts on those things that would guarantee the best results.

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