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This Simple Kickstarter Plan Raised $7 Million

Last updated on July 1st, 2022 at 11:30 am

Crowdfunding isn’t just for crazy inventions anymore. My buddy Vance has been doing six-figure launches with regular products easily available on Amazon.

Most e-commerce brand owners misunderstand the REAL value of Kickstarter. It’s evolved a lot since 2009.

Everyone from small startups to big-name brands are building massive audiences through their campaigns. Audiences they own and can sell to forever (unlike Amazon customers).

They’re launching products with zero risk and taking the strain off their cash flow by getting paid FIRST instead of 45-90 day cash cycles.

In e-commerce, cash is king, and Vance’s $7 million Kickstarter strategy is the most effective way I’ve seen to free more of it up.

This episode could literally save you from bankruptcy, and at the very least will give you a massive leg up on your competitors on Amazon.

Watch / listen to the podcast here:

Kenji Exclusive: Kickstarter Launch for Amazon Sellers Workshop (free)

I was so impressed during my conversation with Vance, that I convinced him to put together a special workshop just for you guys.

It’s a 1-off live workshop going into Kickstarter launches specifically for Amazon Sellers. I’ll be there, Vance will be there, and we’re encouraging interaction from you guys as well.

Those who need more hands-on help will have the opportunity to work further with Vance, but this is not a sales pitch-loaded workshop, everyone will walk away with super valuable strategies they can implement themselves to make their own six-figure Kickstarter launch.

Watch the Masterclass replay Here: https://youtu.be/VeApG1Km9kk

Reach out to Vance or get the bonuses from the masterclass: click here.