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Best Amazon FBA Podcast

Actualize Freedom Podcast

Actualize Freedom Podcast Cover Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA Podcast for Advanced Ecommerce Brand Owners

Host Danny Carlson interviews top Amazon FBA & E-Commerce experts in topics ranging from product launch, Pinterest traffic, to Manychat bots for review building.

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Best Amazon Selling Guides

Here are our top, most in-depth guides to selling more on Amazon.

Easy Ways to Save Money As an Amazon Seller

Automated Amazon Reimbursements: Veriship

Automate your reimbursements from Amazon to get money back you didn’t know you were owed.

You’ll start seeing reimbursements across the following categories:

  • Inbound Shipments
  • Lost & Damaged Shipments
  • FBA Fees
  • Customer Returns
  • Removals

Their fee is a percentage of your reimbursements so you only pay them when you are getting money back from Amazon.


Amazon Product Launch - Rebate Key

Get full-priced sales to boost the Amazon algorithm during your next launch. The easiest way to get a guaranteed amount of sales through your target keywords to boost keyword ranking.

Check Out Rebate Key Here


hellotax offers online VAT Registration & VAT Filings to reduce your workload.

Stay tax compliant within Europe and start monitoring your thresholds with our free tool today.

Check Out hellotax here

Messenger Marketing Automations Using Manychat - Boost Rooster

Ryan Rigney has been using Facebook Messenger for Amazon product ranking since the beginning, and he’s created a software Boost Rooster that makes the setup entirely automated and simple for even the most basic Amazon Sellers. It’s built on Manychat so gets the advantage of all their updates as well.

Use code DANNY10 for 10% off

Best Amazon Messenger Marketing Course - AMZ Messenger Bot Club

Michelle Smith has been on the Actualize Freedom Podcast twice, and is considered the queen of chat marketing for Amazon sellers.

I’ve personally been through this course and it’s the best guide to Messenger Marketing for Amazon Sellers I’ve ever come across.

Check out her free webinar for a sneak peak

Split Test Images Before You Launch - Pickfu

The best service for getting real shopper data to make good decisions on your images. I recommend running a poll on your top 3 competitor’s main images to learn which one will perform best and survey respondents will tell you why they chose what they chose. You can use this data to make an even better main image for a high click through rate!

Check out Pickfu here and get 50% off your first poll.

Best Amazon Keyword Tool

I’ve been using Helium 10 for 4 years and I continue to do so because they have one of the best suites, but also have a large team of developers constantly improving the product.

Check out Helium 10 here