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Amazon Brand Story: Everything you Need to Know

amazon brand story

Last updated on May 3rd, 2024 at 02:02 pm

An update has been made to the Amazon Brand Story feature, which now lets you choose from more modules and make changes in more ways. You can even scroll through the material, which makes shopping even easier. 

While showing a lot of your products on the carousel, you can talk about your brand’s story and ideals. You can also link to your brand’s store and other pages with in-depth information about your products. To find out more, keep reading!

What is an Amazon Brand Story?

Its a feature available to all Brand Registered sellers, as well as Amazon Vendor Central and managed sales program sellers (such as Amazon Exclusives).

amazon brand story example

It appears directly above the traditional A+ Content description half way down your listing page, and can be applied to all ASINs under your brand. So you don’t have to create a unique one for each product.

You can choose a custom layout of 4 different modules to show your brand story and spotlight the things that set you apart from competitors.

It’s far simpler than a full A+ Content description so even if you don’t have the time/ budget for that, a brand story is worth the smaller investment. Especially since it applies to all your brand’s products.

Brand Story Benefits

Other than simply taking up more space on your product page & standing out, there are some compelling benefits to using Amazon brand stories.

  • Increase average cart value (cross-sells)
    • If you use the modules that link to your other products, a percentage of shoppers will end up buying multiple of your products. Small increases in average cart value can add up big time, especially if they only clicked and ad once but purchased two or more of your products.

  • Humanize your brand to connect emotionally
    • Create a connection with shoppers that sets you apart from the other widget sellers. People today want to support brands they care about. Give them a reason to care.

  • Brand awareness
    • Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t give brands the best opportunity for brand building. As the world’s largest product search engine, it’s easy for shoppers to compare products by price, reviews, and images alone. A good brand story allows you to build some brand equity with shoppers, so they’re more likely to think of you for repurchases or future products.

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Amazon Brand Story Best Practices


Humanize Your Brand

You need to connect with your customers on a personal level. You can share the history of your business, your purpose and values, the people who work on your products, and be honest about what you have to offer in the Brand Story section. 

It works especially well for smaller brands that don’t have immediately recognizable logos but still want to connect with people on a more personal level. Customers who care about a brand are worth three times as much over their lives. 


Show Your Product Catalog & Upsell

Open your catalog of products and try to sell more. It’s possible to show off more of your products in the Brand Story area. People can easily scroll through the page because it is set up like a carousel. Shoppers may spend more time looking at your brand and products if they can scroll quickly. 

Here are four good things about this. 

  • In the first place, a customer may find what they’re looking for in your Brand Story module if it’s not in the product page they’re looking at.
  • Another reason is that a customer might find another item in your catalog that interests them. 
  • If a customer clicks on one of your ads or storefronts, they can stay in your Amazon store. 
  • People can quickly compare products and pick the one that meets their wants the best.


Increase Brand Awareness

People who shop on Amazon might not take the time to learn about the company that made the item. Customers can see your business through Amazon Brand Story material. They are more likely to remember your name if you do this. 

One interesting fact is that people need 5 to 7 views of your brand before they remember it. Don’t pass up this chance. Not everything is perfect, though. The Brand Story tool doesn’t let you change the format much right now. That’s three module options now, compared to one before the changes. 

That’s a huge improvement. That being said, you have to work within the limits of these sections. You’ll also have to be brief because there are strict character limits for this part. Brands that are used to having full creative power might find this hard. For new brands, though, these limits can help them figure out what message to send.

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Bad Brand Story: Jeff’s Rocket Co. exists to create the highest quality products at the best price. Our manufacturing process in our world-class production facilities is top of class, bringing you the best products on the market. (generic, not believable, not specific)

Good Brand Story: The latest rocket innovations designed to skyrocket fun in a safe way. Jeff’s Rocket Co. was built by rocket man Jeff Bezos to change the way we enjoy rockets forever. Our mission is to empower the next generation of rocket aficionados to blast off to another dimension. (playful, non-corporate, specific)

Brand Story Modules & Image Dimensions

While everyone has t use the Brand Carousel Background module, you can mix and match the other 4 available modules as you wish. You can use the same one multiple times or not at all to suit your unique brand story.

Brand Carousel Background

This is a mandatory module and will act as the default first thing everyone sees, and the background image when shoppers scroll to the next module.

Please note that the image dimensions listed are the minimums; we recommend making them higher resolution, just ensure the ratio is the same.

  • Main Banner: 1464px x 625px min
  • Small Right Image: 463px x 625px min
  • Headline
  • Body Text (can be formatted with bold, bullets, etc)

Brand ASIN & Store Showcase

brand story amazon module brand asin and store showcase

Select up to 4 ASINs and upload a picture of each. Also add a headline, body text, and a link to your Amazon Store page.

Upload up to 4 images: 166px x 182px min



Brand Focus Image

brand story module brand focus image

Just a single image with headline and body text. Best for snippets about your brand with an image that captures something unique about you.

362px x 453px min



Brand Logo & Description

brand story module logo

Show your brand logo and a quick write up about your brand story.

Logo: 315px x 145px min

Brand Q&A

brand story amazon module brand Q&A

Answer up to 3 common questions about your brand. You can choose from a predetermined list, but better to create your own custom questions to be more specific to your shoppers. Only text needed for this module.

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How to set up an Amazon Brand Story

Firstly, you can only use brand story if you are brand registered. If you are, follow the steps below to set up yours.

If you want Kenji ROI to build a brand story for you, reach out to us here.

  1. Login to Seller Central, click on the Advertising tab then select A+ Content Manager.

  2. Select “Create a Brand Story” and name it something like “Jeff’s Rocket Co. Brand Story”

  3. Select as many of the 4 modules as you’d like (3-5 recommended), then upload your images and add text.

  4. Submit for approval (it can take up to 7 days for Amazon to review). If they reject it, they will send you a message and specify what needs to be changed. Simply make the changes and submit again.
how to make brand story amazon

Amazon Brand Story Examples

Here are some examples of brand stories on Amazon. Not all of these were done by Kenji ROI, but we wanted to give you a range of good and bad ones so you can understand things better.


Links to Product Pages with a Brand Story

If you want to check out the full product pages you can click the links below.

Please note that these products may go out of stock or otherwise change as they are live product pages.

Want Us to Create Your Brand Story For You?

Kenji ROI has been focused on Amazon listing optimization since 2016.

We can create your brand story based on the conversion rate boosting principles that have helped our clients grow from 6 to 7, and 7 to 8 figures in Amazon sales.

You can request a quote by filling out this form. Just mention you want Brand Story, and select any other services you need such as amazon product photography, video, listing writing, etc.