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Amazon Ads Strategies & Campaign Structure for 2021


Last updated on January 21st, 2021 at 02:19 am

Have you tried a ton of Amazon Ads Strategies but nothing seems to be working? It’s difficult to find what works best for your brand when everyone is saying to use different tactics.

Patricia hops on as a Kenji ROI guest and lets us know exactly how she sets up her PPC Campaigns for a profitable AcoS and maximum keyword rank boosting on Amazon.

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Whatsapp (+1) 954 348 0639
Email: info@beonne.com

Patricia Minatti

Patricia Minatti

I’m Patricia Minatti. An E-commerce and Amazon Consultant in Brazil and the US. Previously I had experience with different categories in many companies, including launching and scaling big brands. Now a full-time Amazon consultant for Amazon US and Brazil. I work with brands and startups in a wide range of categories focusing on Brand Management. My goal is to connect with small to medium-sized businesses to help navigate the opportunity that is the Amazon marketplace.