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Amazon Seller Recession Proofing

Andy Arnott - Diversifying Platforms & Recession Proofing on Amazon FBA

Last updated on December 7th, 2020 at 07:58 am

The world economy is on the brink of collapse, and Amazon sellers are worried. Why are some brands thriving while others struggle to survive?

Sure lots of it depends on whether you’re selling survival or outdoor recreational items, but as Andy Arnott points out, there are other things Amazon sellers can do as well.

With his wealth of knowledge as a long time Amazon seller and his mass of data from his software company Seller SEO, he shares his best tips for recession proofing your Amazon business.

Andy Arnott

Andy Arnott

Andy started selling on Amazon in 2013, and hit 7 figures within the first 8 months. Before starting his Amazon business he worked for the US government in the aerospace industry and ran a 7 figure Android app business. In 2015 he started his first Amazon related SasS (software as a service) that got Amazon sellers reviews. In 2017 he launched Amzblitz, an Amazon product launch and rank company. In 2018, he rolled out SellerSEO, a service dedicated to helping sellers automate and optimize their Amazon businesses. He continues to sell millions on Amazon, and through his coaching and software has helped thousands of Amazon sellers grow their businesses.