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Why Amazon FBA Businesses Don’t Stay Profitable featuring Ben McAdam of Profit Collective

Why Amazon FBA Don't Stay Profitble

Last updated on August 12th, 2021 at 03:44 pm

Revenue and profits are totally different beasts, and many Amazon sellers are losing money without even knowing it.

Ecommerce accounting is more complex than most businesses, so without the proper systems & training, sellers are likely operating at a loss.

Running an Amazon FBA brand without knowing your cashflow projections is a bomb waiting to explode. Cash is king and no one I know knows cash flow better than Ben McAdam.

With years of experience dealing with the financial issues unique to Amazon sellers, Ben shares with the Actualize Freedom Podcast listeners his top tips for staying profitable, and how to set up cash flow management systems in your ecommerce business.


Ben McAdam

Ben McAdam

Profits Coach and Virtual CFO at ProfitsCollective. He helps business owners earn more profits, without judgment or a ton of confusing jargon.