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Amazon Retargeting Ads Tutorial & Strategy – Remarketing on Amazon

amazon retargeting Ads

Last updated on August 12th, 2021 at 03:16 pm

On Facebook Ads everyone knows retargeting ads are some of the most profitable, effective ads you can run… but what about Amazon retargeting ads?

This is a fairly new ad type for Amazon, and there’s far less control than Facebook Ads, but with how competitive Amazon is these days, Amazon Sellers need every advantage they can get.

In this blog I’ll show you exactly what Amazon remarketing ads are, the advantages they can give you selling on Amazon, & how to set them up.

What is Amazon Retargeting

In a nutshell, Amazon remarketing ads show to shoppers who have viewed your or competitor’s product pages, with the goal of bringing them back to purchase.

People online get distracted easily or decide not to buy one day, then think about it for days and end up coming back.

Retargeting ads are shown to only your “hottest leads” as people who have already seen your product. In the digital marketing world, this is what we’d call “warm traffic” whereas random shoppers on Amazon search results pages are “cold traffic.”

A BIG Difference From Facebook Retargeting

One important note is that by default, Amazon retargeting ads are also shown to shoppers who viewed a competitor’s product page. This is way less targeted & I recommend shutting this targeting off, targeting only shoppers who have viewed YOUR product pages.

This will always perform better and since you don’t have a lot of variables to control with Amazon Ads, let’s control this one!

Facebook Ads are infinitely more complex & have dozens of variables & Amazon remarketing ads only have 2… bid level and whether to target competitor product viewers or not.

How To Set Up Amazon Retargeting Ads

It’s a simple, fast process that can be done in less than 5 minutes due to how simple Amazon retargeting is. Here is step by step how to set up remarketing ads on Amazon.

  1. Create a new campaign & choose Sponsored Display as the type
  2. Choose “Audiences” as the targeting
  3. Add the products you want in your campaign. You can add all your products to a single campaign for simplicity or create a separate campaign for each products for more insight.
  4. Set the bid to something low like $0.20

Managing Amazon Retargeting Ads

Once set up there’s really only one variable to control, bid. Often these campaigns will perform very poorly at a high bid, so we must continually reduce the bid until we find a bid that performs at a reasonable ACoS.

You will eventually reach a point where the bid is too low to get any clicks so if you’ve lowered the bid to this point and it’s still not profitable, then the only action is to shut the campaign off.

It’s really this simple! Maybe in the future Amazon will beef up their retargeting ads, but for now, it’s super simple and either works or it doesn’t!

Looking for Someone To Manage Your Amazon Ads?

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