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Billion-Dollar Brand as a Teenager with Shaahin Cheyene’s Ecom Unicorn Story

Shaahin Cheyene

The 10 figure unicorn is a very rare company, even rarer as a teenager. But that’s exactly what Shaahin Cheyene accomplished before his 20th birthday!

And he did it before Facebook ads even existed.

His supplement brand touting a “legal but barely” supplement blew up across the US, going viral in mass media and exploding demand.

Now a grown man in his 40’s Shaahine has built multiple successful brands and is highly focused on the Amazon marketplace.

What lessons did he learn from his meteoric rise to a billion, and how does he implement them in his brands today?

And what was it like as a teenager making more money than the GDP of a small city?

All this and more in this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast

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Shaahin Cheyene

Shaahin Cheyene is founder of the brain nutrition startup Accelerated Intelligence (AI). He is also an award-winning business mogul, author, filmmaker, and inventor of Herbal Ecstacy, the nootropic that sparked the (100% legal) Smart Drug Movement.