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How Paul Easton “Doubled his income” with Triple Optimized Listings™

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Last updated on September 7th, 2021 at 02:15 am

Danny here from Kenji ROI with a quick story about how Paul Easton “doubled income” with new Triple Optimized Amazon Listings™.

This is not a “quick hack” or “weird trick,” it’s strong business fundamentals done right.

According to Paul, he’s now “converting more and he’s rising in the ranking” after his products just weren’t converting.

Paul Easton’s Amazon Success with Kenji ROI

“Hey there! My name is Paul Easton. I thought I’d do this quick testimonial for Kenji ROI.

I’ve worked with some clients on Amazon and sell my own products on Amazon. Last time I had clients, I put some pictures up, but they literally were not converting.

It just wasn’t doing right. So I got some [ Amazon Product Photography ] done by Kenji. 

[My client] was hesitant to spend the money, but I told him it would be the best investment. Now, that same client is doing sales that he didn’t expect.

And here’s the key point, his ACOS is a lot lower than it was before. 

Now literally he’s doubled his income because now he’s paying less for ads. He’s converting more and he’s rising in the ranking. 

Paul Easton

So if you’ve got concerns about using images or working [with] Kenji, look, I’m not doing this out of anything for them.

I just think that when you find a good service you should talk about it. So that’s my hats off to Kenji ROI. Bye for now.

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