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All our services include deep research into your Amazon niche & fully managed creative direction to maximize conversion rates.

We have complete listing packages or one-off services that suit the budgets for first-time sellers up to 9 figure brands.

The packages can be modified to meet certain needs. Fill the Quote Request Form or Schedule a Call (faster & recommended for complex projects) & we’ll build a quotation for you.

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The Platinum and Gold photo packages are nearly identical with one major difference… Platinum includes a real lifestyle model and Gold uses “photo manipulation lifestyle images” which are reverse engineered stock images with your product composited in.

See examples and more details here

Only the Platinum Photo Package comes with a real lifestyle model. The Gold Photo Package uses “Photo Manipulation Lifestyle Images”  (see explanation above). The Silver Photo Package does not come with any lifestyle images.

Not your typical stock images everyone hates on. We select premium quality stock images, then take real images of your product that match the lighting & angle of the premium stock image.

The Photo Manipulation Process


The way we present your product comes from a lot of research and 5+ years of Amazon experience. That said, we’re still human and sometimes make mistakes. So for any factual errors, (e.g. we put in the wrong measurements or missed a specific request from your intake form) we make those changes free-of-charge. 

However, for all other preferential changes ranging from graphic style to stock image swaps, we charge a revision fee per image of $25 AFTER the (1st round: Gold & Silver packages / 3 rounds: Platinum package) of changes. 

And any requests requiring a re-shoot is subject to additional photography, model, or location fees on an as needed basis.

We ask that by working with Kenji ROI you trust our expertise in Amazon listing optimization, and understand that in order to deliver a high standard at a reasonable price we need to limit revisions. We hope you understand. (if you’d like an intro to a designer who can offer further unlimited revisions on an hourly basis, let us know). Full revision policy & procedure.

Amazon Photography - Toilet Sprayer With Adjustable Pressure Control - Hero - 1The main image takes up the first image slot and is what customers see on the search results, Amazon Ads, and is the #1 factor affecting “Click Through Rate.” We offer multiple main images in the Platinum & Gold packages so you can “Split Test” aka “A/B Test” them against each other to find the one with the highest click through rate, bringing potentially massive gains in traffic to your product. It’s the single most effective optimization you can make to a top performing product. We recommend using Splitly to assist in this.

A hand model only has their hand and part of the arm in the frame. A lifestyle model has the possibility of their entire body & face in frame & better shows emotion & some specific benefits/ actions. (only available in the “Platinum Package”)

It’s a compilation of the deep customer research we do to ensure each listing is built to match the most important benefits, likes, and dislikes of your target customer.

Customer Dislikes (from 1-3 star reviews on competitor products – the numbers indicate how many times they came up in research)

Most Common Customer Questions (from Questions section on competitor products)

Insightful phrases taken from customer reviews. (creative uses for the product, detailed examples of how the product helped them, etc).

We share exactly 0% of client information. At your request we will also sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

We do however greatly appreciate when clients give us permission to showcase the work we did together in our portfolio. This only happens upon express  written permission from client.

You’ll need to ship us a sample of your product to our studio in Bali, Indonesia. It’s quickest to ship directly from your manufacturer in China.
We shoot photos and video in Bali because that’s where we have the best selection of models from around the world (large expat population), and modern, beautifrul shoot locations that would cost $1000 per night or more in the US. In Bali we can produce at a higher quality while still making everything appear to be shot in America.

See full shipping to us details here.

While we don’t present you with options to choose from and approve the exact models for the shoot, we do let you specify the model’s

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • General build
  • Clothing style

And we choose a model that fits as closely as possible.

The reasons we don’t offer selection and approval of models are:

  1. We are not a modelling agency, and contracting one costs minimum $500 so we would have to increase our prices significantly
  2. Since we don’t pay our models the much higher modeling agency rates, we can’t guarantee a specific model at the specific time we need to shoot without causing large delays. Our clients vastly prefer to have less delays and the lower costs, and they still have input into the type of model they would like.

It’s a new type of image that is a mix between a lifestyle and infographic image. It’s a lifestyle image with a graphic text heading added to it. It’s different from lifestyle because it has text on it. It’s different from infographic because it’s specifically a lifestyle and has only a text heading without additional graphic elements.