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Sell like LOCALS in Amazon FBA Foreign Languages with Omar from Margin

Sell like LOCALS in Amazon FBA Foreign Languages

Did you know that Amazon’s EU marketplaces together are equal in sales to the US market now?

The US is still king, but Amazon is growing much faster in their foreign marketplaces & it’s becoming impossible to ignore.

But so many brand owners make embarrassing mistakes localizing their listings. Don’t make the mistake so many Chinese sellers make with poor translations, weird wording, and assuming their images will work well overseas.

Even between the US, UK, and Australia the spelling of many words is different, making keyword localization super important.

The conversion rate difference between localized and non-localized listings can mean thousands, even tens of thousands per month more revenue.

In this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast, host Danny Carlson digs into Omar Angri’s deep knowledge of Amazon Listing Localization from his agency Margin Business. They’ve been focused specifically on this problem for years and have a team of more than 20 tackling the issue.

Omar Angri’s Contact Info
Margin Business Website: https://marginbusiness.com/
Omar Angri’s Email: omar@marginbusiness.com

Omar Angri

Omar helped their first client to grow from a small Amazon seller to a multi-million-dollar business. Along the way, they learned all the ins and outs of Amazon and the complex algorithms within different marketplaces. Over the years they have worked with high level Amazon sellers and continue to improve their product sales and results through their language expertise.