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What Ecom Entrepreneurs MUST Know About Bookkeeping with Nathan Hirsch

Do any entrepreneurs actually like bookkeeping?

I did meet an Amazon seller in Vancouver who did, but he’s a freak.

Unfortunately, this fear of books often causes HUGE financial problems.

Especially for ecommerce businesses that deal with long cash cycles, payment processing fees, and thousands of transactions.

I sat down my friend Nathan Hirsch to ask him everything ecom entrepreneurs MUST know to avoid a cash flow crisis.

He outlined how to find & work with an ecom bookkeeper and understand your brand’s profitability at a glance.

Don’t wait for a cash flow crisis to learn how to interpret your books.

Want the video? Comment the number from 1-10 that best represents how much you hate bookkeeping and I’ll DM it to you.

Nathan is offering 1 free month of bookkeeping for the Kenji audience. Reach out to Nathan’s company Ecom Balance here.

Speaker Name: Nathan Hirsch
Speaker Email: Nathan@ecombalance.com
Speaker Bio: Doc: https://tinyurl.com/4hztcauu
Speaker Website: ecombalance.com
Speaker Topics: Doc: https://tinyurl.com/4hztcauu