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Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

Last updated on June 17th, 2020 at 09:08 am

What’s the difference between an Amazon listing that bombs and an Amazon listing that soars?

‘Why, having a great product,’ you may say.

Bzzzt – try again.

‘People are very visual so its only the photos that matter.’

Cute. But no.

The reality is that making your own cash-cow listing takes a mixture of both the above alongside some serious attention to detail.

A winning listing requires fantastic photography, eye-catching copy and expert keyword usage, plus plenty more. The importance of each individual part may vary depending on the product and its audience, but you’ll want to ensure that each is presented to a high standard to maintain a professional look and avoid any obvious weak points.

Oh, and it helps if your product doesn’t suck either.

So how do you get your listings to such a polished and irresistible standard?

Enter the glorious Amazon listing agency.

These guys are essentially teams of people that specialise in the various components that all come together to take an Amazon listing from zero to hero. They can be expensive, but they can also give your product the edge that pushes it to the top of the search results and grabs enough attention to make it the average Amazon shopper’s product of choice.

And with the sheer size of Amazon’s buyer-base, that is one profitable position to be in.

So let’s see which Amazon listing agency is best for you in today’s head-to-head deathmatch between Canadian heavyweights Kenji ROI, and the Manila-based Virtuous Graphics.

Kenji ROI

Put simply, this globe-spanning team does it all. With an international team headed by CEO, Danny Carlson, your Amazon listing will really be getting the works. Kenji believe it?

Bad puns aside, yes you should. Because the guys and gals at Kenji ROI each specialise in a specific area that is needed to make your Amazon listing shine as temptingly as a pizza joint at the end of a heavy night out.

The following are a few of the things Kenji ROI can help with –

Listing Copywriting

A picture can paint a thousand words, but good copy can take the viewer from being an apathetic browser to eager buyer in half that word count. Plus you can actually be specific about the details of your product. Combine this with some snappy A+ content and expert keyword optimisation and you’ve got some seriously killer copy.

Product Photography

Remember how we mocked the idea that good photography was the only thing your product needed to get sold? Well there’s actually a grain of truth there, because capturing those perfect photos is almost a prerequisite to having a superstar listing. Guess it’s a good job Kenjo ROI can take care of that for you then, eh?

Product Videos

If your product needs a video to show its features and bring it to life, Kenji ROI can deal with that for you too. Using seasoned video veterans with expert shooting equipment, your viewers will get to see how your product works and all the ways it can benefit their lives.

Now, getting back on track…

Your listing can be created from scratch or have certain parts amended to bring it up to a standard you’re happy with.

Great copy but shoddy photography? Then pick one of Kenji ROI’s photo package options and get it sorted.

Want to flesh out that plain-text description section with some sales-boosting A+ goodness? They got ya covered.

Customer reviews paint a good picture of the services Kenji ROI provides too:

Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics
Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

Whatever option you choose, Kenji ROI work to optimise your listing for maximum visibility and getting that all-important conversion rate pumped.

That said, let’s see how Kenji ROI compares to the competition…

Virtuous Graphics

Another Amazon agency that claims to give your listings an advantage over the competition, Virtuous Graphics offer a similar range of services to Kenji ROI. These have a different selection of service bundles and price points, however, and a few key differences.

Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

Unlike Kenji ROI, Virtuous Graphics add an extra model fee for their photography services (Kenji ROI includes theirs in the price), and there is no apparent mention of copy rewrites if the customer is dissatisfied with the initial version.

These points may result in a less satisfactory customer journey, especially if they’re deprived of extensive copy amendments should the copywriter not hit the target first time.

But whatever the reason, it seems Virtuous Graphics has already got itself a less than stellar reputation with a portion of its customers:

Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics
Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

They may have even fallen foul of other online creators as this review demonstrates:

Kenji ROI vs Virtuous Graphics

While it’s possible these may be isolated incidents, customers looking to find the right one-stop-shop for their Amazon listing needs would be wise to investigate further to make a safer decision.

So, Kenji ROI or Virtuous Graphics...Who Wins?

As with many service-based businesses, the experience you have with either company will depend heavily on what you expect from your service provider and how well they communicate with you.

The value that both agencies ostensibly provide is difficult to determine on paper, but the reviews clearly seen for Virtuous Graphics should raise alarm bells for anyone expecting to receive exceptional service.

Also, while such concerns may be unfounded, some customers may be more comfortable dealing with an western-based agency such as Kenji ROI compared to the eastern-based Virtuous Graphics.

On the balance of everything seen, it looks like Kenji ROI takes the crown and remain a solid first choice for your Amazon listing needs.

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Danny Carlson

Kenji ROI CEO & Amazon seller from Vancouver, Canada. Huge adrenaline junkie/ life hacker competing in downhill longboard races, meditating after ice baths, & reading dense psychology books…