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Best Shopify Apps for Amazon Sellers?

Seller Skills 3 - Derric Haynie - Best Shopify Apps for Amazon Sellers

Last updated on December 7th, 2020 at 07:56 am

If you are considering creating a Shopify store to supplement your Amazon sales, you’re probably wondering which Shopify apps you should use.

Derric Haynie is a professional Shopify software stack consultant and tells us his best recommendations for:

  • Abandoned Cart Automations
  • SMS Marketing Automations
  • Shopify Themes
  • Conversion Rate Boosting Apps

And everything you need to setup your Shopify store.

Derric Haynie

Derric Haynie

Marketing ????, Growth ????, Virality ????, & Ecommerce???? are my passions. Striving to have a deep understanding of the needs of Ecommerce teams so that I can unite them with the appropriate technology. I look for opportunities to drive value to Ecommerce teams through technology, events, and content. Acquisition consultant for Shopify apps/tech. My strength lies at the intersection of human behavioral psychology and analytics. Father. Futurist. Entrepreneur.