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Q4 Supply-Chain Mess SOLVED with Ivan Torlopov

Ivan Torlopov

There’s few feelings more helpless than going out of stock on Amazon while your inventory sits in a Chinese port.

Unfortunately that’s the situation many Amazon sellers are facing in Q4 2021.

The global supply-chain shortage is hitting hard, with reports of some brands paying 40k + per shipping container.

But it may not be as hopeless as you think…

Some brands have found creative solutions to these crippling issues.

In this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast, Ivan Torlopov shares:

✅ A creative, time-saving shipping strategy most people don’t know is an option
✅ How big brands are minimizing damage from the massive shipping fee increases
✅ How to limit downside risk, and avoid a Q4-killing supply chain catastrophe

Just one of these tips could be the difference between xmas coming early and Jeff Bezos giving your Amazon payouts to another seller on the nice list.

Watch the podcast on Youtube now.

Speaker Name: Ivan Torlopov

Speaker Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-torlopov-fba-ecomm-consultant-4599b340/
Speaker Website: https://sellerplex.com/supply-chain-challenges-in-2021/

Ivan Torlopov

Ivan Torlopov

Partner and a Head of Supply Chain Department @ Sellerplex Ecomm Private Label Jewelry brand owner since 2016 Logistics / Supply Chain expert, career started back in 2008 as import manager, then Fortune 500 logistic corp, then worked for a family-owned Forwarder based in Los Angeles, since 2018 helping FBA/Ecomm Sellers resolving High-level Supply Chain Issues.