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Fund Your Business with Zero Debt or Interest?! with Rob Stanley and Don Henig

Fund Your Business with Zero Debt or Interest! with Rob Stanley & Don Henig

Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 09:53 am

Ask any business owner what is the number 1 issue when growing your business

All of them will say: lack of capital.

For Amazon Sellers, there are a variety of options for people looking to get funding…

Loans, credit cards, factoring… heck even Amazon itself has some options they encourage people to look at.

But, there are are BIG problems with these traditional methods…

  1. High-interest payments.
  2. Large monthly payments required (even during bad months).
  3. You may have to give up some equity.
Enter Accrue Me.

Founded by Rob Stanley and Don Henig, Accrue Me is an Amazon funding company that eliminates a lot of these headaches.

Instead of collecting monthly payments or charging interest, Accrue Me makes money by earning a percentage of your profits.

“But what if I don’t make a profit this month?”, you ask.

In that case, Accrue Me earns nothingThey only make money when you make money.

The best part? Only pay when you want to.

In this episode, Rob and Don walk Danny through their entire business model, how they got started, and the criteria they use to evaluate whether or not they will invest in an Amazon business.