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Rebates for Ranking with Brendon Fields

Last updated on June 10th, 2021 at 04:16 am

You don’t need me to tell you that launching a new product to page 1 on Amazon is getting harder and harder these days.

Not only is the Amazon algorithm constantly getting more and more sophisticated…

But the increasingly large number of Amazon sellers are getting craftier as well.

What works today might be obsolete 6 months down the line…

Thankfully, Brendon Fields joins us on this episode of the podcast who is an expert on product launch strategies.

In the episode we go over:

✅️ Why rebates might be one of the most powerful launch strategies in 2021

✅️ How to successfully run a rebate launch strategy the right way (and avoid losing thousands of $$$ from scams)

✅️ How you can get a leg up on the competition as Brandon shares his predictions for how product launch strategies will evolve in the future

If you are an Amazon seller continually looking to stay on top of Amazon’s ever-changing landscape, this episode is for you!

Brendon Fields

Brendon Fields founded Rebaid.com in early 2019. The marketplace has grown rapidly since it’s inception and now processes nearly $1MM in monthly rebate transactions. He manage a team of 12 full time, remote employees including multiple world class engineers. The platform has quickly become amongst the leading launch and liquidation services for eComm sellers.