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What Amazon Advertising Platform Updates Mean For Your Business With Brian Johnson

Amazon Advertising Update 2019 - Brian Johnson

Last updated on December 23rd, 2020 at 05:20 am

Amazon Advertising Platform Changes

Amazon Advertising is the new name for all Amazon Advertising platforms… are they trying to take on Facebook & Google Ads?

I could think of no one better to consult than Brian R Johnson of PPCScope for Amazon Sellers, Sponsored Products Academy, & Canopy Management. Brian has been following Amazon incredibly closely over the past decade and understands the landscape better than anyone.

In this video we cover:👇

  • What Amazon advertising platforms exist & who has access to them
  • Where Amazon seems to be going with this latest move
  • New changes to Headline ads
  • Video ads…
  • The future of ads on Amazon

Brian has been on Amazon since 2013 & one of the top PPC consultants since 2015.

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Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson has been selling on Amazon since 2013, but quickly learned he had a passion for the nerdy bits of PPC optimization. In 2015 he started consulting for 8 figure brands on Amazon PPC, & today is one of the most respected in the industry. He’ co founded SPA course, PPC Scope, & Canopy.Management to help Amazon sellers be more effective with their PPC.