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Amazon Product Targeting Ads Strategies 2020 with Ritu Java

Seller Skills - Product Targeting Ads Strategies with Ritu Java

Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 09:44 am

Product targeting ads on Amazon are one of the newer strategies available to Amazon Sellers, so many brands have yet to figure out the best tactics.

Ritu Java shares her best Amazon product targeting ads strategies for 2020 from her depth of experience running PPC Ninja.

Targeting specific ASINs, categories, and adding in filters for price and reviews relative to your product are all key concepts we cover.

Amazon Ads Management: https://www.kenjiroi.com/amazon-ppc-management/
PPC Ninja: https://www.ppcninja.com/

Ritu Java

Ritu Java

Ritu has been helping Amazon sellers, advertisers and brands develop creative and powerful strategies to scale and optimize their advertising efforts on Amazon.