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2021 Amazon FBA External Traffic Strategies That WORK with Andrew Buck

2021 Amazon FBA External Traffic Strategies That WORK

Last updated on August 12th, 2021 at 03:13 pm

Ecommerce moves faster than lightning, and strategies that worked well 2 years ago have shifted, or disappeared altogether.

That’s why I’m bringing in an expert from one of the largest Amazon external traffic agencies for a free live masterclass.

In this masterclass you’ll see…

– Insights into what external traffic strategies are driving sales & ranking for 8 figure brands in 2021 (from a huge agency that manages tons of 7 & 8 figured brands)

– Biggest DO’s and DON’Ts of running paid ads to Amazon, and how to avoid spending thousands but getting no results

– How to effectively MEASURE ROI of external traffic to Amazon, even when Amazon doesn’t provide you with accurate data

– How you can implement these traffic strategies to generate sales and keyword ranking on Amazon

The masterclass is free, but only for members of the Amazon Value Library Facebook group.

Andrew Buck

Andrew Buck

Andrew Buck spend 8 years working in management in one of New Zealand’s largest supermarkets, he is now on a journey to learn how he can help businesses of all types grow. He’s fascinated by marketing strategy and finding new ways to engage potential customers. Being in the digital marketing space, He is in a great position to witness the growth of e-commerce and the rise of social media as a vital marketing strategy.