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  • Think about where your business is strong and where it is weak when it comes to Amazon
  • Have your numbers available. Monthly sales revenue, target monthly revenue.
  • Your biggest road blocks. What’s stopping you from reaching success on your own?
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Actualize Freedom Podcast: Amazon Selling Secrets Revealed

Actualize Freedom Podcast Cover Amazon FBA

Hosted by Danny Carlson, CEO - Kenji ROI

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Scientist turned Amazon seller manager and tech innovator Chris Rawlings joins us today to share his unique story and invaluable experiences. Between monitoring the performance of small, midsize and large companies and technological innovations, we’re lucky Chris found the time to feature on Actualize Freedom and share his indispensable insights with us and our listeners!
Mastermind behind FBA Kings Facebook group and the Seller.tools application Troy Johnston joins us today on Actualize Freedom. Troy’s experience and knowledge of keyword implementation as well as Amazon’s inner workings and procedures will lend an auspicious helping hand to new and experienced sellers alike.
Third member and co-mastermind of Seller Tradecraft to be a guest on the Actualize Freedom Podcast Nick Young joins us today to share his wide breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise with running an Amazon business and successfully navigating its many grey areas. This episode contains integral information regarding running a successful Amazon business and is not one to be missed!