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Amazon SEO Service

We have your Amazon listings covered... but do you have an ongoing optimization process?

Congratulations, you have invested in Amazon listings that will make EVERYTHING you do more effective from product launches, to Amazon PPC Management, to organic ranking. Having a Triple Optimized Listing from Kenji ROI is the solid foundation you need to build an ecommerce empire.

But do you have a plan to optimize your listings going forward?

Are you tracking your keyword rankings & making adjustments based on the data?

Are you monitoring the indexing of your main keywords to ensure you aren’t getting randomly removed from the search results?

Are you checking your geo ranking to see if Amazon is ranking you lower in some states so you can run targeted campaigns to bring it back up?

Many Amazon sellers fail to do some or all of these things. If you don’t have all the data, you cannot make the best decisions about:

  • Which keywords to target in product launches
  • When to run an additional promotion to boost a specific keyword
  • How effective your launches actually are and whether you need to do another one
  • Which keywords to add into your listing and optimize for

Basically you’re just putting up products and hoping they do well and if they’re not, you’re left shooting in the dark.

Having these systems and processes in place puts your finger back on the pulse of your business so you can quickly identify & solve issues that arise, and know what the next best move is… not just trying everything and seeing what works.

Amazon SEO Managed Services - $197/m

A fully managed service, we handle everything for you

We modify keywords in your listing based on Amazon PPC data & keyword rank tracking to maximize results based on dynamic market data.

  • Keyword Rank Tracking for main search terms
  • Monthly adjustments to keywords based on changing keyword rank & PPC data
  • Monthly reporting on adjustments made & keyword rank improvements
  • Tracking & testing of keyword adjustments to monitor effects on ranking
  • Real time keyword index checking of all main keywords & immediate troubleshooting