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Important: Read this before booking

Hey, Danny Carlson here.

This is going to be different than other “strategy sessions” you’ve taken online.


  1. You will not be talking with a salesperson, you will be talking with me.
  2. I will actually diagnose your business/ unique situation & bring my 5+ years of Amazon experience. You will get thousands of dollars worth of value on this call.

Which is exactly why it’s important to understand this…

  1. Filling the app doesn’t guarantee you a session: I only dedicate a small amount of my time every week to these calls, so I am choosy on who I do sessions with.

    If you do not already have a brand that is generating at least $5k per month, then please do not book the call. You will be declined.

    This is a high level call and is meant for experienced business owners, not businesses that are pre-revenue.

  2. No Rebooks For No Shows: If you book a call and don’t show up you will not be allowed to book again. I provide a ton of value for free on these calls and have a no tolerance for people who want to waste my time.

    If you can’t make the time, don’t book the call.

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