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What Are Top Chatgpt Prompts For Amazon Sellers?

Want to find new ways to sell more on Amazon? The app gets about 2 billion visits a month, so staying ahead of the competition is important. Now this is where ChatGPT comes in.

ChatGPT can help your business grow by making the most of the resources you already have. You need to know how to ask the right questions to get the most out of it. It gives you a few prompts that can help you make more sales on Amazon and grow your business.

Tips for Effectively Using ChatGPT

  • Before you start, be sure you know exactly what areas or tasks you need help with.  Some examples of common goals could be writing copy for ads, writing descriptions for products, or writing copy for Amazon Post.
  • Clearly explain the situation, the result you want, and any special needs. The prompt “Write a product description for product X” is one case that is not very clear.
  • The question is, Write an Amazon FBA selling description for Product X that talks about the result, not the product, and lists the best features, mentioning parts A, B, and C. The information that comes from this case will be much better and more useful for your listing images.
  • : You can’t always get the best results with ChatGPT on the first try because it’s not perfect. Keep giving more information and background as needed to help the system give better answers.
  • Make sure you’re following Amazon’s rules: You MUST check ideas and plans on your own to make sure they don’t break any of Amazon’s rules so you don’t get fined or violated.
  • Check and confirm suggestions: Always check and confirm any strategies, marketing efforts, or product improvements that ChatGPT suggests to see how well they work.

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Chatgpt Prompts To Land More Amazon Sales

Do you need help thinking of good ChatGPT questions? To help you make more sales on Amazon FBA, these ChatGPT prompts are all about important tasks. For your business, you can change them up or use them as ideas to come up with your tasks.

“Which Keywords Should I Use To Boost My Amazon Ranking? [Insert Product Details]”

This question can help you do better keyword study for SEO to move your product up in the search results.

ChatGPT needs as much information as possible to find the best keywords. Some things that you can include are the product description you already have or any notes that describe the product. You can also share sample copies or keywords from the goods of your competitors.

The result might not be what you wanted, but you can ask more questions to make the keywords more useful.

“How Can I Increase Amazon Conversions By Adding Scarcity Or Urgency To My Product Copywriting? [Insert Product Details]”

This prompt will help you learn more about how to make sales. ChatGPT can look over your product copy and give you ideas on how to make it better so that it gets more sales.

For instance, you can get comments on the copy you already have. You can even tell ChatGPT about the benefits of your product and ask them to make content that will get a lot of people to buy it.

“How Do I Reduce Amazon Cart Abandonment For This Product? Insert Product Details” 

For many companies, cart abandonment is a big problem that makes it hard to make more sales. ChatGPT can look at the information you already have and make it more conversion-focused.

 On top of that, it can share thoughts on how to make the buying process easier for potential customers, from the first impression to the checkout. To get the most out of ChatGPT, it’s important to share as much information as you can. 

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“Review And Improve The SEO Of These Product Titles [Product Details]”

This prompt is all about SEO to help you write more interesting product names. You can share the names of products that are already on the market, or you can share your notes and ask ChatGPT to come up with new ones.

When talking about a new product, you can show ChatGPT titles of your best-selling goods to help it come up with similar ones.

“Share 3 Reasons My X Product Beats My Competitor”

This prompt is about analyzing competitors to help business owners figure out what makes their goods unique. ChatGPT can help you look at your products and the products of your competitors in an unbiased way.

If you need to, you can use the information to change your brand, your copy, or even the prices of your goods.

Create Ad Copy for Amazon Sponsored Brand or Display Ads

If you’re looking for ideas for different ad copy to use, ChatGPT can help you come up with them. By using the prompts to make sure that the results include certain buzzwords or get some general answers to get ideas, you can use search and natural language together.  

Come up with five 50-character ads for {Product Name & Link}. Goal: Increase sales, stir up feelings, emphasize benefits, and so on.  

“Give Five Reasons A Person On Amazon Wouldn’t Buy My X Product.” 

“Go on to the next step: Make a list of the benefits from the objections.” You likely know what makes your goods special. The things that make someone not want to buy your goods are just as important, though.

For the second time, ChatGPT can help you figure out what your product is missing and what you need to do to fix it. Ask ChatGPT to share some useful tips on how to turn complaints into benefits as a follow-up question. Now you know what you need to do to get more clients.

How Can [Name Social Channel] Increase Amazon Product Traffic?

This prompt can help a seller get more people to buy. You can get marketing tips from ChatGPT that can help you make more sales.

Your question will be more specific if you only talk about one social platform. You could, for instance, ask for advice on how to use Instagram to get more people. You can even add a follow-up question to find posts about products that sell more. 

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“I Want To Boost Amazon PPC Conversion. Provide Practical Methods. Insert Campaign Details.”

When you talk about your ppc campaigns, be as specific as you can, including the ad copy and the outlets you are using. You can also receive suggestions on how to make your future ads better by asking what makes a PPC strategy work.  

“List My Amazon Business’s Most Common Customer Interaction Scripts. [Insert Product Details Here]”

The goal of this prompt is to help sellers provide better customer service by making their contacts with customers more effective. To improve the customer experience, it’s a simple way to save time and get useful information.

You can, for instance, focus on questions that are asked a lot, information about your goods, and questions about placing an order. For even more useful material, you can make the scripts more personal by sharing notes on what your customers usually ask you.

Write Persuasive Amazon Bullet Points

ChatGPT can generate interesting bullet points for your Amazon products. This will help your listings show up higher in search results and get more conversions. 

“Create five bullet points for my Amazon listing that feature {Feature X}, {Feature Y}, and {Feature Z} and tell customers what’s great about {Product Name}. Help me make the best listing by looking at my top three rivals. {Competitor A}, {Competitor B\, and {Competitor C}.”

Links to competitors should go to specific product detail sites.  

“Include five bullet points on my Amazon page that describe the benefits of Mug, focusing on Temperature Control, Durability, and Ease of Use. Help me make the best Listing Images by looking at my top three rivals.”

Optimize Backend Search Terms on Amazon Listings

ChatGPT can help you improve your back-end Amazon search words. Your product should be indexed and your search ranking generally if you optimize your backend search terms.  

“Please improve the search words on the back end for {Product Name & Link}. Do not use the same keywords that are already in the listing’s bullet points, title, and description.

 Always follow Amazon’s rules {Link to Amazon’s Policy}.  Format it so I can put it right into Amazon’s back end. Don’t use commas or repeat words. “

“Don’t use the same keywords that are already in the listing’s bullet points, title, and description. Make sure you follow Amazon’s rules. Here’s the link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/help/hub/reference/G23501. Please format it so that I can put it right into Amazon’s back end. Do not use breaks or repeat words.”

Create an Amazon Storefront Design Brief

It’s easy to share information with your design team to make sure that your Amazon shop has a branded experience because ChatGPT can make design briefs for it. For the best results, using ChatGPT in small chunks is best. We’ll limit it to the homepage for this case. 

We suggest going banner by banner for the best results. Best results will come from pre-wire framing the page with creative specs.  

“Please make a design plan for an Amazon storefront that is cool and modern for {Product Name & Link}.   Kindly note that to help ChatGPT do its best, you can add extra information such as a color palette, brand goals or vision, benefits, and even links to examples of similar websites.”

Customized ChatGPT Responses

Think about a customer who is upset because their package is late.  An impersonal answer could make them feel like they weren’t heard. But with ChatGPT, you can make prompts that recognize their anger, say sorry, and give them specific updates or answers.  

Let’s say the prompt is: “Write a sincere apology email to a customer experiencing a delay, offering a discount code for their next purchase and an estimated delivery time frame.” This particular touch shows the customer that you care about their problem and are working to solve it.

ChatGPT can look at past questions and answers to make templates for commonly asked questions, which cuts down on the time it takes to answer them. After that, these models can be changed to fit the needs of each customer. 

This helps you save time and make sure that each customer gets an answer that is just right for them.  A typical question could be “How long does shipping take?”  

You can make a prompt like: “Using the customer’s shipping address, estimate the delivery dates and time and insert it into a pre-written response template that thanks them for their inquiry.”

ChatGPT can analyze past purchases and reviews to recommend related products and accessories.  You can offer personalized recommendations in your comments instead of a “frequently bought together” section.  A buyer looking for a dress may also want a blazer or belt.

  It may say: “Based on the dress the customer inquired about, suggest two or three complementary items and weave them into the response, highlighting how they would complete the outfit.”

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Identifying Customer Pain Points & Desires

Imagine going through a huge number of customer reviews to find themes that keep coming up.  ChatGPT can look at these FBA reviews and find patterns, as well as places where customers are unhappy with current goods.  For instance, the question could be: “Look at recent reviews of backpacks and find common complaints about how they work or what features they have.” 

This can show needs that aren’t being met, like not having enough padding or waterproof sections.  You can make a rucksack that solves these problems and stands out from the rest by using this information.

Not all of what a customer wants is equally important.  You can use ChatGPT to figure out which features are most important to your target audience by looking at how people feel about different requests and how often they are made.

  Let’s say the prompt is: “Analyze customer reviews for workout clothes and rank the most frequently mentioned desired features, such as breathability, moisture-wicking materials, or specific styles.”

 You can then focus on making a product that meets your customers’ most important needs and wants, which will increase its market value.

ChatGPT can help you come up with new product ideas by translating what customers want into words they can understand.  The prompt might be: “Based on recent trends in customer reviews for travel accessories, suggest three new product ideas that address identified pain points.”

  Seeing this can make you more creative and help you come up with new goods that meet a need in the market and delight your customers.


Explaining Shipping Delays

ChatGPT, pretend you’re an Amazon seller who has to explain that there has been an amazon shipping delay because of something out of their control, like bad weather or transport delays. It’s your job to make sure the customer feels heard and understood without making them unhappy or scared.


Promoting a New Product on Amazon

“ChatGPT, let’s say you’re an experienced Amazon seller who is putting out a new, cool kitchen gadget. Write a professional but intriguing product description that talks about the product’s unique features, how it works, how easy it is to use, and how it differs from similar products on the market.


Answering Questions About Product Availability

“ChatGPT, pretend to be an Amazon seller who answers multiple questions quickly and politely about when a popular item that’s sold out will be restocked. Assure them that you are working hard to restock and suggest some related items that they might like.


Other Short Prompts 

  • Find ice cream-related Instagram users who have between 25,000 and 50,000 followers.
  • Offer a $5 deal to first-time customers who use the code ISCREAMYOUSCREAM when they use your social media posts advertising an “ice cream maker.”
  • Someone bought an ice cream maker from me and is upset with it. She wants a refund or a new manufacturer. Do you know how to answer?
  • Help Amazon buyers decide to buy our sleeping pillow by writing 100 catchy headlines. Each one should only have 50 characters.
  • Give our sleeping pillow 100 great captions.
  • For a new cooking accessory brand, please give me 100 name ideas.
  • I need you to write a letter and ask my seller how we can get a better price on my [KITCHEN GOOD]. [YOUR PRICE] per unit is what we pay now.
  • For [Your Niche], what are the best YouTube channels?
  • For [Your Niche], what are the best blog channels?
  • Send this customer an email saying that you’re sorry for the bad experience they had and that you’d like to refund their money. And I don’t want to ask them directly to change the review, I want to email them to get them to do it.
  • Someone took over my Amazon ad, ASIN: [YOUR ASIN]. Write them a letter telling them to stop. Tell them they have 24 hours to get out of the buy box or we will open a case with Amazon seller support to have them taken out. If they don’t, their selling account could be suspended or canceled.
  • Tell influencers in a nice email that you love their work in [Your niche here] and that I’d like to give their readers a discount on our brand and some free goods to review.
  • If you want to offer 30% off [Your Niche] brand for Valentine’s Day, please write a nice email to our audience. Make the email seem more limited.
  • How did our extra-soft pillows for sleeping help someone do better at work? Write a nice case study.

ChatGPT tips are a simple, low-cost way for Amazon sellers to provide five-star customer service and grow their businesses.

Can Chatgpt Help FBA Sellers Write Amazon Listings?

The tool ChatGPT creates written material using natural language processing (NLP) technology. It creates sentences and paragraphs that look like they were written by a person using a big database of words and phrases and machine learning algorithms. 

  • If you are listing products on Amazon FBA, you can use ChatGPT to write product descriptions, bullet points, and other material for your listings.
  • It can save you time, which is one of the best things about using ChatGPT for your Amazon ads. You don’t have to spend hours writing product descriptions and other content for your posts.
  • ChatGPT can do it for you in just a few minutes. This can be very helpful if you have a lot of products and need to quickly list them all.
  • Another possible benefit of ChatGPT is that it can help you make the content for your listings more uniform and professional-looking. If you use the tool to make your bullet points and product details, you can make sure that all of your listing images have the same tone and style. 
  • You can make your brand look more consistent on Amazon this way, which can help you get new customers and keep the ones you already have.

Additional Tips

Balance Brevity with Detail

Although you might want to include as much information as possible in each prompt, remember that when it comes to writing good ChatGPT messages, less is often more. Try to keep each message short but helpful.

Use Examples

Giving examples in your question can help the ChatGPT understand what you want and give better answers. Before you use your prompt in a real talk, this can also help you test it and make it better.

Consider The Context

Carefully consider the situation where the ChatGPT will be utilized and adjust your question properly.

Check Your Prompts For Mistakes 

Last but not least, make sure you review your work carefully before posting it. Remember that even small mistakes can confuse users or make them doubt a bot’s abilities, which is bad for the success of an online store.

Anyone Can Use ChatGPT for Amazon – Are You?

AI technology can be scary, but there’s no denying that it’s useful. Not many people can’t use that technology with ChatGPT. This is quickly becoming an important part of modern business and is no longer just for Sci-Fi.

Make sure ChatGPT fits your needs by trying it out first. There is a free plan from OpenAI that gives you full access to all of ChatGPT’s features; the paid plans just get priority. Along with other automatic tools, that makes it a pretty useful tool for increasing your Amazon sales.

ChatGPT prompts can be your guide! Stop relying on luck and take control of your Amazon SEO strategy with the help of ChatGPT prompts!

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